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    Cool [Phec] Phoenix Coalion - RP PvE Open Recruiting!

    What is the Phoenix Coalition?

    Phoenix is a group that began with the righteous fury of it's leader, Sefah Hyle, a former Warmaster of the Vigil who had grown tired of seeing people battered, broken, and left unable to make a living for themselves. She wanted to see to it that anyone of good intent who crossed the threshold of her lodge would become stronger after leaving it. She wanted to ensure that anyone who could not hunt for their own food and earn their own coin would have the tools and skills to do just that, Tyria's foes be damned!

    She gathered a small crew of like minded individuals, mostly Norn at first, who joined her in avenging the wrongs done to the weak of Tyria. But unlike a simple crusader who smashes evil and moves on to the next foe, she would have Phoenix teach and train so that others would not need them. In an ideal world of Sefah's vision, Phoenix would only have to pass the torch to the next generation who would outdo their own prodigious legend. Just as any Norn would like.

    But Tyria is a large world and our own group has grown stronger. The calls for help come to our door more often, the requests for education and guidance more desperate and often. We now recruit so that we can spread the Phoenix Fire all across Tyria so that no bit of broken ash remains so and is forged into the legends that is our right.

    Phoenix has taken on many allies and when the need arises, we loan ourselves to the cause.

    What To Expect

    *Character driven RP - We want to help you tell your stories. Bring us your villains and challenges so that we can help you overcome them.
    *RP-PvE - We are working on progression, getting through the dungeons, and tie them in to the character driven stories. Perhaps that Charr that stole your device ran off to the Flame Legion for sanctuary. Let's bust in and get it back.
    *Norn-Styled Events - The guild's theme, especially as it's run by norn, is about becoming a stronger individual. Though some of our member backgrounds come from more orderly structure like the Charr Legions or the Human militias, we want to celebrate your individual excellencies with our Moots, Hunts, and Challenges.
    *We're a laid back community, eager to help you with dyes, crafts, or muscle for those harder quests

    What the Phoenix Coalition is looking for:

    *You do not have to be Norn, but you have to be willing to accept Norn RP; spirits, hunting, moots.
    *We want roleplayers who enjoy PvE and who are willing and eager to assist others with stories/adventure.
    *We want adventurers who are willing to struggle with us as we put down every threat Tyria's underbelly has to offer and can brag about it when we get back to the lodge.
    *All races, character levels and skill sets. New to GW2? We will train. Been a while and need a refresher? We're here to help.
    *Anyone that wants to have fun with a little flare.

    Do not apply if

    *Your goal allows for the breaking of Tyria's spirit. The ends do not justify the means.
    *You are too frightened to forge your own legend. We can mold you, but we need sterner stuff.
    *You are not willing to give as much as you get. Both to our foes and to the people we save.

    If you think Phoenix is the place for you, please feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to welcoming you to our lodge.

    Guild Leader -

    Sefah Hyle - (magiere.3461)

    Co-Leader -

    Harid Dejarin - (bigeshu.7951)

    You can apply at:

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    Hardcore WvW Guild Vindices Renati [VR] - Piken Square EU - is recruiting

    Vindices Renati [VR] is a hardcore WvW guild with interest in the GvG scene. We are looking for experienced and dedicated WvW players with a fundamental knowledge of their respective profession. Outside of WvW raiding times we have a high competitive focus in sPvP, using this to maintain our personal skill level and improve our team dynamic.

    We offer

    - Experienced raid leaders

    - An open minded and friendly community

    - A strong core player base

    - Organised WvW raids 6 days a week

    We expect

    - Durability

    - Motivation to go hardcore

    - The attendance of at least 4 raids per week

    - The will and desire for improvement

    - A mature attitude towards the server and during raids

    - The use of a microphone and TS at all times during raids

    We are based on Piken Square

    Additional info can be found on :

    Information regarding recruitment will also be released on the website. Exceptional applications will be considered, even when the recruitment for the given profession is closed.

    In game contacts are:hazahampo.4286; Lottie.5370

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    -Character name: Eyrinn
    -Race: Human
    -Guild Type: Mix of PvE & PvP
    -Server region: Ehmry Bay

    Additionals: My character is a Thief and I'm a boomerang from merely a couple of months back when the game first started. So I have a LOT of catching up to do but I am looking for an active, fun guild to better help enjoy all the things.
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    Hello! I’m Malthanis, and I’d like to introduce our Yak’s Bend guild to you! GAMEBREAKER NATION. We are a medium sized guild made up of mostly North American players with a few Pacifica players, spanning the globe from Massachusetts to New Zealand..with a person or two from Japan (ok it’s one person with 2 accounts!). Our activity spans roughly 2/3’s of the day..most days, centering on US time zones.

    Do not worry if you are fresh and new to the game or a grizzled one-eyed veteran! We want players that are driven by a single desire! A desire to have fun! We boast a solid core of active players that have been playing since Guild Wars 1, with many others playing since Beta Weekend 1, and are more than willing to share their knowledge with fellow guildies. Just sign up at and we’ll get you in and playing with everyone. We do not require representation either! All we ask is that you represent if you are doing our weekly missions, or are attending our other 2 weekly events!

    Enjoy talking to people while you play? We’ll help you set up a Mumble client and you can add to the shenanigans! Don’t like to talk? We’ll help you set up Mumble and you can just listen to everyone and meet everyone as you desire.

    GAMEBREAKER NATION is semi-active in WvW, runs frequent dungeons, joins champion trains, with several weekly scheduled events (living story, guild missions, and GAMEBREAKER NATION sponsored events). We are intolerant of intolerance, and expect all members to provide a comfortable atmosphere to game in. Check out our policy here.

    To join or ask any questions, simply message one of the officers in-game: Dayo (Dayo.3169), Malthanis (Khaldris.9026), or Aaron (Charlie Harper.5063). To become a full GBN member, apply through our website!
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    I am a fresh. I hope, weekly missions will reward as gold.

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    Hi all!

    We in Alpha are looking for swedish players for our new guild in GW2. We are a big gaming community with nearly 800 members, and with the upcoming expansion we want to create a new guild in Alphas name, and we hope to see you in our friendly and mature guild. We are currently holding up in Gunnars Hold. Our only demands for members is:

    20 years old
    A headset so we can communicate properly.
    A good behavior towards members and other players.

    If you are interester in joining please contact me or simple submit your member application at:
    Our Teamspeak is: I hope to see you all in Alpha soon.

    Best regards Lefty138

    - - - Updated - - -

    The guild is now up and running! We are named Alpha Sgc, and we are currently waiting for our current players to sign in. We are also looking for new players who feel like taking of responsibility in the form of Officers.

    Please send a text ingame to me Lethrandir.3658 or to EdgarMTanaka.7291 , or by mail or simple join us at I hope to see you ingame.
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    Character Name: Sapphiao
    Race: Human
    Class: Mesmer
    Guild Type: Mostly PvE, but open to PvP and WvW
    Server Region: Fort Aspenwood (but willing to transfer)

    Well, so I bought the game and played at launch, but never really got much more than level 30. After a lengthy period of not playing I decided to pick the game back up because I didn't want to pay for WoW anymore (10 years was enough for me). I'd like to get back into GW2 because it seems far more friendly to my schedule. I decided to start over leveling because I needed to relearn what's happened over the past few years, so I started up my Mesmer.

    Anyways, I'm looking for a friendly guild that's game for grouping up for PvE (dungeons and the like as soon as I can start doing them) and then some PvP and WvW once I get a better feeling for the game. I have Curse Voice, TS, Vent, and Mumble. Headset and Mic. I'm still really learning the ropes again, but have a very lengthy PvE background in WoW, so I'm hoping it will somehow transfer over...eventually.

    Shoot me a PM on here or in-game. I'll be around.

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    Forged into existence through blood sweat and stomps, on the 13th hour of the 13th day of the 13th year. Eye Of Janthir [XIII] was created for one soul purpose, destruction of the enemy. Eye Of Janthir is a hardcore WvW guild that combines the pinnacle of 1vX skill into zerg busting and organized rallies. We now reside on the server Fort Aspenwood, and are calling all to arms who are looking to be apart of the greatest WvW Guild there ever was. Were a very tight knit NA/OCX guild looking to recruit loyal, dedicated Commanders and players who want to break the meta and journey with us into heights of glory pushing the boundaries and limits of WvW. Rally with us!

    Contact main guild leaders- (Greatbeard.8270) (Onedola.8932)

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