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    Review Guild Wars 2 in 5 words!

    Hello champions! So, let's review GW2, shall we?

    But this time, lets try to make it quickly: 5 word limit!
    How would you describe this MMO?

    My review:
    Not that many Guild Wars.

    And you?

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    My experience when I played it was "I Miss Guild Wars 1"

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    Another Laggy World Boss Encounter

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    So much missed potential, dude.

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    Most over-hyped game ever, unfortunately.

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    "So close yet so far"


    "anet hates world vs world"

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    What could have been, yo.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Maybe GW3 will be better?

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    On a ~5 months period after discovering the game.
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    Asura Make It All Better.
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    Looks great feels great cash.

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    really didn't enjoy this game

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    Too many god damn zergs.

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    No end game but good

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    Casual action-combat platformer adventure game.

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    It is a missed opportunity.


    Could have been much more.

    Mind you, this is for HoS, not the original GW2, which I thoroughly loved.

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    Better than other WoW ripoffs.
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    Wish it had been better...

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    Longest Content Drought, Bad Endgame.
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