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    End game content and some other questions

    Hey guys! So I've played GW2 originally when it launched - I leveled 1 character to max level and then stopped playing but I really enjoyed it. Now I've heard about this new upcoming expansion and it really made me wanna play GW2 again (I'm thinking about buying HoT). I have a few questions regarding end game content and some other things:

    1. So my main MMO is WoW and my daily/weekly routine looks like this -> world quests -> legion invasions -> mythic + dungeons -> tomb of sargeras on HC mode. So when I hit max level in HoT, how my daily and weekly routine should look like? Is there a lot of dungeons (I think they're called fractals) that would make me spend a lot of fun hours in them (just like mythic dungeons in WoW)?

    2. I've heard there are raids in HoT. How hard is it to find a group for them? Do I need to be in a guild to complete them?

    3. When it comes to dungeons and raids, how important is my gear? Can I join some hard dungeons without good gear or do I need to catch up?

    4. Is there a website that would show me a tier list of gear and tell me how to obtain it? It would help me a lot with understanding content that is avalaible in game, and I would go step by step to obtain that gear.

    5. How important are professions in this game? Are they mandatory?

    6. I'm thinking about maining a character that could use a two-handed sword, what class should I pick? I just like the look of big, awesome weapons.

    7. I'm playing on EU - what would be the best server to play on when it comes to WvWvW? Which server has the best team, it's the most fun to play there and really easy to farm stuff?

    Thank you for answers! Cheers!
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    1. There are dungeons but they are from the core game and are in basic maintenance mode. Fractals, which are dungeon like but are much smaller in scope, are added quite often. Raids got added in HoT and are expected to be added in PoF as well.

    2. Not really a raid person but I've seen them organized as a pug before but if you are really interested in them, it would be best to find a dedicated guild.

    3. You'll need exotic level gear and you can compete with just that. For raids, you'll need to start getting ascended gear (the top gear level). For fractals you'll need to get agony resistance if you want to play the harder content.

    4. GW2 (and GW) has probably the best wiki of any game that I've seen. Use the GW2 Wiki, https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Main_Page , it is the best resource that you can utilize for game information

    5. I assume you mean crafting (professions actually refer to classes in this game), not really mandatory unless you want ascended armor and weapons (and even there you can get ascended gear by other means than crafting)

    6. Guardians, Warriors, Rangers, Mesmers, and Necromancers (if you have HoT) can all use Greatswords (2H swords). If you are looking for melee use, Guardians, Warriors, and Rangers use it as a melee weapon

    7. I don't know about EU, hopefully someone else on this site can give you an answer here

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    I personally like the great sword necros use
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    1. All that open stuff legion exist in GW2 in much greater scope. The only weekly lockouts in GW2 are raids and guild missions. With raids you can run them all you want but you simply wont get the end chest, still get tokens though. Tokens can be traded equipment so some people try to max out their tokens every week.
    Everything else in the game is on daily lockout periods.

    Theres a lot to do but a daily routine might be: Fractals dailies + two challenge mode fractals (these are like mythics, CMs are like 5 man raids). Kill the legendary world bosses (Teq, Karka Queen, maybe Chalk Gerth, Shatterer, Triple Wurms). Do HoT map metas.

    Other stuff: Clear living story maps if you need equipment from them. Do all world bosses. Run old school dungeons.

    2. Finding a group for raids is about as hard as it is in WoW, so not very. Look up raid builds for your class to increase your chances of getting into a group. There are tanks and healers but the roles are more flexible than WoW, tank mechanics can change from boss to boss.

    3. Old school dungeons arent that reliant on gear. Gear in those mean faster clears. You want at least exotic gear for raids, you pretty much need a number of ascended pieces for top tier fractals. Youre expected to be running the proper stat setup for your class. Gearing up in the game is pretty easy if you ask questions, look up guides. Certain stat combinations are harder to farm but theres usually alternative budget replacements for those.

    4. I think I have one on my discord somewhere. Will link if i find it. GW2s wiki is a very good resource, so is the. GW2 subreddit.

    5. You at least want professions related to your class @ 400.

    6. Power warriors camp their greatsword, theyve fallen out of the meta a bit in favor of condition based warriors. Thats just for instanced content like raids though.

    7. According to this site, EU is dead compared to NA. I dont have any evidence to back that up, this site can be a bit dramatic at times. Google mos millennium. It shows WvW matchups. The top servers are obviously the strongest and or most populated. Take note, your WvW experience varies depending on the the tier. i prefer T3 because its more small roaming squad llike play. T1 is great for people who love running with massive zergs. Gear is very important in WvW.

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