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    Do you still play GW2 regularly?

    Like, more than, lets say, 3 or 4 times a week? I stopped playing since the beggining of November, because I don't have the xpac yet and I'm finding the game a little boring by now.

    And you?

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    Guess not. I log in every few weeks or so, run around a bit. Usually when I have a few mins to kill.

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    I don't no. Played for a few weeks after hot came out, but got bored of that jungle real quick. WvW I don't have the time for anymore, so I ran out of ideas real quick.

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    I still log in each day and run around a bit, but no real goals or anything worth doing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Svifnymr View Post
    I still log in each day and run around a bit, but no real goals or anything worth doing.
    same here

    I'm really just waiting for their WvW revamp to start playing on a consistent basis (depending on how the revamp goes of course)

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    On and off. Occasionally I get really into it and play for a while, then get bored and switch to another game. Rinse and repeat.

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    Nope. I didn't even buy the expansion.
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    GW2 is currently the game I am most often playing. If I'm not raiding or working on some other project I'm playing GW2 I mean I played 32 hours of it last week, but that's a bit high because it was an EXTREMELY light week at work and I was working from home so I had a lot more opportunity to play

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    Trying to, the leveling is so slow and dreadful. Specially when you find out that your class (thief) is rather crap compared to the rest.

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    I'm mostly just keeping up. Doing 3 pvp ranked games daily, home and guild hall gathering, ascended mat crafting, pact mapping supplies stocking and dailies. The current state of spvp and wvw are complete turnoffs.
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    I tend to just do daily, craft a few stuff and then raid
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    stopped after trying it out and getting to max level on my reaper, that jungle is pure aids.

    wvw is empty on a high server at prime time...

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    Haven't bought the expansion so I've got less motivation to play.

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    Log in daily for the rewards, will sometimes stick around and play but not regularly.

    I always wonder if I picked the right class but not really keen to reroll.

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    Craftet an set of asc armor for my main, leveled half of the masterys and then I quit the game.

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    I can't even log on. GW2's launcher is terrible and I can't update unless I want to download at 20-150kbps.

    I bought the game in the summer and leveled a Thief to 32 before getting bored. Worst buy ever >.>

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    Nope. Didn't even bother with the expansion. It's just so boring, and that's such a shame. I REALLY wanted to love it.
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    It turned into a scavenger's hunt at max level for me... Everywhere I look is "collect itens, to create the thing". I wish they made more dungeons - raids are booooh!
    Even the Guild Hall is meh. Guild Leader of the guild I joined at the start of the expansion turned out to be quite crazy about monopolizing the hall for her needs, making me even less likely to play.

    I think I just need to find a new guild and bring my personal friends with me -_-

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    I was the same way as most of you log in for daily and log off but since i found an active guild i have been playing way more.

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    Bought HoT a while ago.

    Played for about 13 hours total and stopped.

    Occasionally update/log in for a few min and exit again.
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