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    What is your favourite map/area in GW2?

    Hello champions! Good to see ya!

    Tyria is a big place, we all know that. There are many, many maps, and some of them are quite beautiful! So I've been thinking:

    What is your favourite map?

    Mine's Divinity's Reach. Even if my favourite race is Asura, I can't express how much I love this map. The city is absolute incredible, I love the small and large details, and even the music is great.

    And for you? Which map is your favourite?

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    Same, very likely Divinity's Reach. I still remember the first time I loaded up the game in alpha I spent probably about 3+ hours exploring the whole city, and that's something that I've never done for a major city in any MMO I've ever played. I may poke around a bit, but I've never spent anywhere near that long exploring.

    And now I've forgotten most of it and would likely get easily lost, but hot damn was it an incredible first experience.

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    queensdale probably

    baby's first steps

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    Old Lions Arch was impressive as fuck. Too bad it's gone.
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