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    Guild Wars 2 needs a "squish" of sorts.

    I recently tried coming back to GW2, but it seems like there have been so many additions and things that have happened since I played last, it's just too overwhelming to jump back in.

    I think they need to do what WoW did back in Cata where they sort of repackaged the game for new or returning players that make it more digestible.


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    what do you mean a squish? The one thing they do need to do is clean up the inventory items. Every new episode we get a new special item and then all of the other collectables that we can't store and we get so cluttered with non-sell-able crap.

    They could also definitely use a tutorial upgrade. There are some game systems (such as the break bar) that they don't offer any explanation for.

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    To be fair, new players go nothing that older players get until you were an old player that obsessed over the HoT blog posts. I think its simiplist for new players. You cant mess up. Play levels, player gets point to invest. Player repeats. You can gain mastery xp if you hav a lvl 80. Cant really think of anything else thats weird unless you was one of teh unfortunate people who had to go out in the world and kill xyz to unlock your skills.That done. Just have the appropriate number of hero points and invest in whatever trait/skill is available to you.

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    All they added were more activities. The basic progression and style of the game is largely stagnant since the expansion elite professions.

    What is overwhelming you? More jump/dexterity puzzles? More events? More running around in circles? This is all stuff we did on launch day of GW2.

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    Make a new character and play it until you get your bearings? I dunno.

    I haven't played in over a year, but I log on for the Living Story updates (to flag them as available), and not once in doing that have I logged in and thought "whoa, what do I do?". They've worked to streamline a lot of things over the years, anyhow. It wouldn't be difficult for me to pick back up where I left off in this game.

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    The gameplay of GW2 has remained unchanged since before HoT; numbers haven't gotten bigger, and with the exception of the boss CC rework, new no game mechanics have been added. The only thing that legitimately needs fixing is the inventory. Seriously, I spend more time cleaning out my bags than actually adventuring.

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