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    I'm thinking about creating a guild from the members of MMO-Champion. Would you join?

    Hello champions!

    I know that the community around here is quite small, but I'm familiar with most of the people that post around here. So...
    I've been thinking: we should create a guild! It would be interesting, in my opinion, to join forces on the battlefield inside the game.

    I'm not sure if I would be a good leader though. I'm not that responsible ingame, usually looking for fun, and not caring about much else.

    What is your opinion on the topic? Should we do it? I think that it is a good idea!

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    I'd join an MMO-C guild, would pretty much be the only GW2 guild I'd actually join. Having our own subforum here with which to communicate easily outside the game helps too.

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    We have tried it before. Didn't really work out that well but can always have another shot at it. I have another guild slot open so I'm up for it.

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