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    SW:TOR loosing 15 % subscribers in one month

    Since i'am not playing i was wondering was caused this massive drop in subsribers. Loosing 15 % in one month is a warning signal in my world.

    Source http://www.manaflask.com/en/article/...numbers-are-in

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    First off, why is this in the WoW forum?

    It happens with all new games. People all go buy the new games and, assuming it's not super-duper-awesome, they realise it's not for them or it was 'over-hyped' (lolwowkiller) and they all go back to what they were doing previously (usually WoW).

    The only thing TOR has on WoW is the Questing/story (which I might as well mention that it personally annoyed the fuck out of me and I was mashing spacebar from like the third quest). It has no end-game content worth mentioning and all the classes are imbalanced (even to WoW's standards) so there isn't much point in 'real' PvP either.

    I'd assume most people are getting to 50 around now and more will start to quit if they don't like it. Wait a bit longer before making a judgment on it though.
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    Happens all the time, Mainly new games.

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    This is not the place, nor the type of thread you want to be opening around here.

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    doesnt that happen with a lot of new mmos? a lot of people buy at release, then a lot quite in one month, usually takes a few months for the subs to settle.

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    "I'm bored, back to WoW I guess!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by zuluslayer View Post
    Loosing 15 % in one month is a warning signal in my world.
    Actually it's far less than i expected (look at the locust swarms on Aion, WAR, AoC or Rift lately) and a good signal that 85% still enjoy it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerslave View Post
    "I'm bored, back to WoW I guess!"
    Well It's a wonderful game, A LOT of WoW elements are in SWTOR mainly the talents like a straight up copy and paste - ANY TOR person can tell you this. It has some problems there and there however. It's still a little baby; It's still growing.
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    Those stats don't show all the players that started their account in January and just finished or will finish soon their free one month. It's most likely more than 15%.

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    I stopped playing since christmas because of work something you sound unfamiliar with.

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    I'm not sure how you jumped from the stats presented to "loosing (sic) 15% subscribers". Imo it's a massive number to have achieved in 2 months (including the release month) that took other MMO's much longer to achieve.

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    Losing only has one O in it.

    Keep it on topic please? We don't need to be other people's spell-check. ~Rag
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    Oh no! 90% retention after first month is horrible!!!

    lolz. WoW lost half its playerbase to EQ within the first 3 months (they got the playerbase back later). These numbers are pointless to look at and don't reflect on how well the game is doing. Please wait 6 months before posting another thread.

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    Some people can spin any figures they want to justify an agenda of hate towards a game they should just not play or evven think about it they apparently don't like it.

    Flip the figures around and you'll see a very different picture: an 85% retention rate past the free month. Do you know
    how unheard of a figure like that is in the industry?
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    As long as Bioware is making money, all is well.
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    A thread of this type can hardly instigate positive discussion amongst it's member base. Especially since we already had a thread pertaining to this exactly. Closed.

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