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    The Wolf Among Us (Spoilers!)

    You've been warned! What follows are spoilers for the game, "The Wolf Among Us".

    This recent Tuesday (7/08) the last episode was released. I played it yesterday to its conclusion. The ending wasn't something I expected, and it caught me off guard. I finally opted to chase after the mermaid. But then the game ended. Damn.

    I thought about what it meant- my thinking is that it didnt happen the way Nerissa claimed it happened. Maybe what happened is that something happened between faith, lily, and nerissa. So to get even, or to get back at the other two girls, Nerissa made up the whole thing about Faith and Lily, getting them in trouble. After all, if she was truly trapped by the ribbon, then she wouldn't have been able to rat out to Georgie about Faith/Lily in the first place. Her lips would have been sealed, after all.

    The more i thought about it, the more i realized there's more to this than the three girls merely wanting to escape from the Crooked man's grasp. Somewhere, somehow, someone is lying about the whole thing, and the Crooked Man might have been innocent after all.

    I consider that it's entirely possible Georgie might have killed the two girls, and it might have been under the Crooked Man's orders, but i think the whole thing unfolded not because of how Nerissa explained it- something else has happened, and everyone that knows why- they're dead. Only Nerissa knows the truth, and I don't trust that bitch, despite her seemingly fragile demeanor.

    Am I the only one thinking this? Am I far off?


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    Nerissa is faith man :P

    Bounty Hunters club 4life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barendon View Post
    Nerissa is faith man :P
    I think it's the other way around personally, Nerissa glamored as faith at the beginning.

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    It definitely feels like Narissa/Faith is not telling the truth when she "comes clean" towards Bigby in the end.

    Let's just go with "what we know" (at least 95% certain):

    1. Georgie killed Lily and either Narissa or Faith after being told by the Crooked Man to "do something" about them (for some reason, probably for blackmailing him). We "know" this because Georgie and Crooky admit to it in situations where they have no reason to lie or it would even be beneficial to lie, especially Crooky didn't need to admit to even have talked to Georgie about that matter when he first meets Bigby.

    2. Faith's/Narissa's death happened before Bigby meets either a real Faith or a "fake" Faith aka Narissa glamoured as Faith. The evidence is in the similar behavior/speaking pattern and the fact that "both" girls smoke the same cigarettes that few people smoke.

    3. It's likely that Narissa/Faith really did place "Faith's" head at Bigby's doorstep to instigate the investigation and break free of the Crooked Man - again: She admits something here that she doesn't have to and makes her kind of suspicious, at least it doesn't seem helpful to lie to Bigby in such a way without being pressured.

    Now, here come my 3 speculations, let's call them "the simple one", "the sinister one" and "the big conspiracy", I'll add how likely I find them to be true in %:

    1. "The simple speculation" (60%):

    Faith was killed by Georgie in the club the day before Narissa placed Faith's head on Bigby's doorstep. Narissa went to the Woodsman's apartment glamoured as Faith after Faith was already dead to instigate an investigation and get Bigby emotionally invested. Basically, Narissa really comes clean in the end (sans mentioning being glamoured as Faith in the beginning), events happened as she said etc.

    This seems the most likely to me simply because it ties up (most of) the story and a potential second season can focus on a new, fresh story.

    2. "The sinister speculation" (35%) - my personal favorite:

    It was Faith/Narissa all along, playing everybody for a fool from the very beginning, simply to break free from the Crooked Man.

    Faith/Narissa begged Narissa/Faith to meet a client in her stead, glamoured as her, she then told Georgie that Faith and Lily were plotting against him/the Crooked Man and planning to blackmail them. Just as planned, Georgie killed Narissa/Faith, mistaking her for being Faith/Narissa, aswell as Lily. Faith/Narissa lied about how it happened, she probably wasn't present when the fake Faith/Narissa was murdered. Faith/Narissa then met Bigby in her "true form", stole the fake Faith's/Narissa's head and placed it on Bigby's doorstep, probably disguised as Narissa/Faith again.

    Faith/Narissa never intended for the Crooked Man to get a trial, she banked on Bigby flipping out and killing everyone in his path during his investigation.

    This theory makes quite a bit of sense because of hints here and there, especially how eagerly Faith/NarissaNarissa lies at the Crooked Man's trial to get him convicted/killed, she wasn't even "invited", but rather a surprise guest. Faith/Narissa probably was ready to kill Vivian herself if Bigby or a lucky circumstance wouldn't achieve that for her, just to finally break free.

    This only seems less likely to me because it would probably take all/most of a second season to unveil this plot twist - however, the hints at the end of season 1 point strongly at that possibility.

    3. "The Big Conspiracy" (5%): Basically, the true story is something completely different entirely that will only be unveiled in season 2, the ending of season 1 and some unanswered questions are only subtle hints at what truely lies ahead. Who will be the true mastermind behind it all ? Was it a plot to kill the secretly "good guy" Crooked Man ? Only time (and a second season) will tell. This seems unlikely to me because it would reduce season 1 to a prelude and would require a second season to get anything cleared up.

    Oh, btw: No matter what you believe, it's highly likely that the Crooked Man was actually "innocent" in terms of ordering the murders of the girls.

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    What did you guys choose to do with the Crooked Man?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feral Camel View Post
    What did you guys choose to do with the Crooked Man?
    I threw him down the Witching Well.

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    threw him down too.

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    I've arrested him, I tried to make Bigby as nice as possible trough the whole game. Throwing down the Witching Well was really tempting though...

    The ending really confused me. Can we expect a season 2?

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    I arrested him. I wanted to chose the option to rip his head off, but I didn't wanna pee off Snow even more (since I've disagreed with her through most of the game). Not that it seemed to make much of a difference, since she seemed to hate Bigby come the end of the game...

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