For a research project I am looking at game control schemes. And in order to balance out the table I'm working on, I am looking for games with specific control schemes. The games don't have to be good, and for the purposes of this research project I only care about the control schemes, I don't care about the story, graphics or if the game is good.

I am looking for a game that uses a combination of modifier keys and context sensitive clicking.
For example: a character has 4 different abilities that can be used on enemies, and they are used by ctrl+clicking, ctrl+right clicking, shift+clicking or shift+right clicking on the enemy you want to attack.
Other example: I used to use an addon called clique for WoW healing, and using that I could shift+click on a unit frame to cast greater heal on that target, shift-right click for flash heal, shift+mouse button 5 for binding heal and other spells were bound with control and alt.
Note: The game can be in absolutely any genre, it just needs to control something like that.

I am looking for the most mainstream game with party-based combat that gives you no control over your party members at all during combat and no ability to script their behavior. Their behavior in combat must be entirely controlled by AI. Bonus points if the game lets you switch characters at will. Note that characters have to actually fight and not just stand there.

Lastly (for now at least) I am always looking for games that let you control 3ish characters simultaneously with (nearly) full control over what they do in real-time.
Some examples I already know about: Krater, anything by Bioware, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, most of the main series Final Fantasy games (I never played any outside the main series except X-2, so please tell me if any of them are relevant).
Note: I am looking for games that are notably different, So a list of 100 games with the exact same control scheme as Baldur's Gate is not what I'm looking for, I can only use 1 of them.

I appreciate any help you can give me.