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    Quote Originally Posted by kumduh View Post
    I haven't even started coming up with what game 6 should be, so it might be a while. One thing I learned from this game is that roles need to work in a way that reduces the amount of unforeseen circumstances that can arise. For starters, there was initially going to be 1 Serial Killer and 1 Cannibal that were separately aligned, but I didn't like the idea of 4 night kills, and coming up with a way to get 2 lynches/day just became incredibly complex. How did you feel about the roles? I thought the traitors turned out ok and would be willing to add them back in future games. The cannibal is too good in its present state. It either needs to be a 1 man operation or have the protection toned down a bit. Sadly, I think Treann died before he could make use of his observational abilities, so I'll probably add it in the next game as well.''

    Also, another big game, or 2 small?
    I'd love another big game like this one. If we were to add cannibals again, maybe adjust it so they have to switch nightly between lookout and killer. I like the idea of adding someone with the rare skin disease to kill off the cannibal (cannibal only dirty bomb ^^). I think we should remove the observer and add a medium (who can converse with the cannibals dead; ie figure out their role), or adjust the observer's role a little. They get some info, but not quite enough. Maybe if someone leaves their house, the observer can enter and investigate the house (as long as no one else enters). If the observer targets a mafia member not doing the killing, that person doesn't leave the house, no house search is done. If the observer targets the doctor, and the doctor targets him/herself, there is no house search. If the observer targets someone who leaves there house, they then go search the house and will discover either that persons role, or if they are good or bad.
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    Being able to actively search for the mafia takes away the main purpose of the traitor. It is a role that is meant to be played through dialogue and not action. And Wass/Treann were very smart about using the observer to find out whether people were telling the truth about their night roles or not. Very early on they were unsure if Purifier was telling the truth about being the cop, so Treann was going to watch and see if Purifier left for the night. This is exactly what the observer shines at: Bringing the town power roles into awareness of each other while locating potential targets. Had Treann lived longer, and had I not intentionally added more threats out at night than townies, I think the role would get more appreciation.

    TLDR I'm going to leave Traitor and Observer as they are in future games.

    One role that someone suggested and I think could easily be introduced was the medical examiner or mortician. They would have the ability to examine a dead body and determine what faction it was killed by. This could prove inconsequential or extremely useful, but it's an easy to add role that doesn't bring with it any unforeseen circumstances.

    I'm also looking at other SK variants and letting the SK choose for them-self which one fits their preferred play-style. This would be things like allowing the SK to choose between being bulletproof if they want to play a more defensive game, cannibal if they think they could pull off fake role claims, or ninja assassin if they think they can get by on just their own good dialogue.

    If I again allow two cannibals to operate as a team, then I will drop the requirement that both cannibals be killed before any roles are revealed. I'll just give them separate freezers and when one is killed any corpses in their freezer are immediately revealed.
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    Kumduh, I think your idea for the cannibals is good. I wouldn't change things too much for them based on one game. The people playing the roles of cannibal this game simply outsmarted the mafia and townies and now that we've seen it happen I'm not so sure it will be as easy going forward.

    The cannibals won this game and it seems they were overpowered but had they made one simple mistake or had the mafia just gotten a hint to go after one of them then things would've have been completely different.

    Basically, I'm saying lets not jump to conclusions and change things off of one extremely small sample size. It's quite possible a cannibal is killed the first day/night of the next game and then the 2 mafia crews become the overpowered groups. Things will play out differently.

    As I said though, I do like the idea of finding out the roles of the dead killed by each cannibal and not having to kill both to find out anything.

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    I like that change to the cannibals kumduh (separate freezers and such).
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    I was once sitting in a rather peaceful clearing. Had a big hill in the center, with a willow try on top. A small stream flowed through it, and the entire area was full of goldenrod. Then, someone came and started yellowing. I shot him 150 times in the face for distrubing the peace, and buried him under the weeping willow. Could have swore it was a normal willow, so I figured it was magic. Made it my policy to kill magic trees one day when a magical oak crushed my kitty. So I chopped it down, with an ax that came out of nowhere. Turns out the guy was the landowner. Oops.

    Not long after, I was driving down the road and saw someone throw a bag of kittens out their window. Instead of doing something reasonable, I rear ended them/. They weren't wearing a seat belt, so they flew through the windshield and died. Satisfied, I took the kittens and raised them on my own. Only..they weren't kittens bu, but fully grown tigers.

    So, with a bunch of pet tigers, I did the next logical thing. I started riding a bear, and got a few packs of wolves. So here I am, riding a bear flanked by a bunch of wolves and tigers, just minding my opwn business, when a cop tried to arrest me. Mind you, him and the rest of the force got mauled to death by my animal protecters, but I felt kind of bad, so I got more bears.

    Well, it wasn't log before one of the bears started wearing a top hat. I didn't know how he even got one, so I had the tigers maul him to death. The thing is, they weren't ordinary tigers anymore. They walked on their hind legs, wore camo pants and carried machine guns. At that point, I layed down in bed and was promptly followed by some wolf who turned into a rather attractive wolf. Not one to turn down company, but completely on shock from the days events, I let her stay in bed and fell asleep. Like I should probably be doing right now.

    Anyways, I wake up to fond that all the animals reproduced. I now had tigerbears, and wolfcats, and tiger rambos and sexy wolves, and British bears, and British rambo sexy beartigerwolves. Giving up, I hoped on a nearby pelican and rode into the sun.

    Little did I know, the sun wasn't real. Turns out it wasn't hot or anything. We just though t it was because of some ancient cloaking device. there, I met a lost civilization of humans that came from abut 49,826 years ago. We talked about random stuff, and then they captured my pelican for research and gave me a space ship. Totally unfair trade. At least it was stocked full of awesome space super tech stuff.

    So then I was flying through the universe, meeting all kinds of aliens. I even met one species that was like, a mix of asari and twi'lek. Was the best night ever, especially considering it was in some pod thingy that made the outside time move super slow, but we were at normal speeds. I ended up meeting some race of two inch tall cthulhu things, hellbent on universal domination. Just stepped on them all. Kept one as a pet. Named it Rorshach Test Butterfly Inkblot Cloud McNugget.

    Woke up to three million Inkblots. Ate all but the original. Tasted like chicken. Were good in stir fry. Thinking they were made out of nothing, because I think I'd be dead if I ate 2,999,999 million anything.

    After trying to figure out how I ate so much, I just gave up and looked outside. There were a bunch of space dragons, just chillin' there in space. So I let them in my ship, and we just talked about the universe going ons, and how I almost completely destroyed a species twice.
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    oh and while I am thinking about it, how do you find out who has posted in a thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxximcleod View Post
    oh and while I am thinking about it, how do you find out who has posted in a thread?
    using this link

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    Sign me up for game 6! I promise not to lurk!
    Sexist jokes are;
    A> only funny to sexists, and B> still sexist.
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    ITT: Donald Trump and Pepe Trump troll each other.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    I thought this was a Jaylock thread when I clicked on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel Tyrael View Post
    yeaaaah.. not likely =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxximcleod View Post
    yeaaaah.. not likely =P
    Click it. I swear it's nothing bad.

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    Just got home to read like 80 posts lol btw my lurking early game was unintentional and I honestly thought there was no way to come back from that.

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    =P but really... how do you find the list of people who have posted in a thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxximcleod View Post
    =P but really... how do you find the list of people who have posted in a thread?
    I'll tell you if you click the link... It's nothing bad, I just used to make that link. It'll make any link you put there.... ''shady''. :P

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    If its nothing bad why insist I look at it? But regardless I already looked at it when you posted it. Not entirely sure why though... Or why you posted it o.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxximcleod View Post
    If its nothing bad why insist I look at it? But regardless I already looked at it when you posted it. Not entirely sure why though... Or why you posted it o.o
    Just making fun of you ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightFury Treann View Post
    you so mean Archangel

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    Yeah! And still no one has told me how to find the list >.>

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    good guy Treann attack!!!

    click on the reply number on the Thread in the forum board

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