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    85 62.96%
  • Automatic

    32 23.70%
  • Automatic manual(shiftable automatic)

    14 10.37%
  • Paddle shifting

    3 2.22%
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    Automatic vs. Manual

    Simple, choose what your preferred transmission is in a car. Do you live in the city and hate manual? Do you have open roads and love the connection of manual? Or maybe your somewhere between.[COLOR="red"]
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    Automatic...i enjoy the laziness?

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    I'll have to admit I don't know how to drive a stick one of these days I'll teach myself.

    So automatic.

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    Is it true Automatic cars are more common in the United states? because in the UK I only ever see Manual cars

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warcrafter View Post
    Is it true Automatic cars are more common in the United states? because in the UK I only ever see Manual cars
    Yeah they are over here.

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    Auto because im lazy and I never learnt manual, my car is semi-auto so manual is easier(clutchless), i still prefer automatic though.

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    Depends on the kind of car you have.

    Manual is the only thing that belongs in a sports car.

    /hug my 6-speed Getrag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pocketzest View Post
    Simple, choose what your preferred transmission is in a car. Do you live in the city and hate manual? Do you have open roads and love the connection of manual? Or maybe your somewhere between.

    I live near a city (most of my time spent driving was inside a city) and prefer manual as that gives me a sense of more control over my car and the lack of clutch makes it feel strange :P
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    Manual is far more fun, saves gas, is faster and saves brakes.

    Sadly, both our vehicles are automatic atm and I miss shifting badly.

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    I like not having a transmission.
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    manual all the way,with manual you have a feeling you have power and control and IMO automatic is for girls

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    I much prefer Automatics, makes driving so much simpler, I consider manuals to just be intentionally making it harder to drive. My dad made me learn to drive in a Manual though (and he drives manuals) so that I know how to in case I ever have to at some point etc. But was so glad when I finished and could just drive Auto.

    I understand there are some pros to manuals too, and some things you can do in a manual that you can't in an auto for racing or whatever, but for just a personal vehicle that's only purpose is to get me from A to B, why would I get something that makes it harder and gives me one extra thing to keep an eye on well driving.

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    Automatic for me.

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    I wonder if people that say "Manual is faster" have actually seen the testing? Manual is faster by under half a second through to top speed on sports cars IF you dont use the clutch. So for manual to be faster you have to fully destroy your gearbox.

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    Manual, but will be interesting to see what the break down in votes are, id imagine manual will contain most from europe, and auto from America.

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    I drove excellent ATs, drove very bad ATs and a lot of MTs. If your AT shifts decent , you'll hardly ever want to go back to MT unless it's a sports car. If it shifts really dumb, like my current car, you'll always prefer MT for your next car.

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    Manual, I prefer being in control more.

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    Manual, because I actually like to feel like I have control of my car. Also because I live in a city where traffic is retarded and I need to stay on my toes. The main problem is that an automatic trans isn't able to see what's ahead of me and I am.
    I occasionally take it out to the hills in the countryside and beat the shit out of it and it just doesn't feel the same with an automatic. It's a certain kind of satisfaction to hit the downshift perfectly in a corner and come shooting out of it. Personally, I feel more in touch with the car if I've got control of the transmission.

    Sometimes, though, when I'm stuck in a queue on the way home, creeping along in 1 and 2 gear, I do long for an automatic though :|

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    I've driven both manual and automatic quite a bit (had an auto for 3-4yrs) and most of the time I prefer a manual. Autos are great in traffic jams, though! ><

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    I don't know about elsewhere, but in the UK if you take your driving test in an automatic, you aren't allowed to drive manuals! Is that the same elsewhere?

    Anyway, I do know one person here (out of lots) who drives an automatic, but they are more expensive and are seen as being driven by people who have to use them because they can't drive very well... I stress that is just in the UK of course.

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