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    slept excessively , and browsing the internet. In other words, a normal Tuesday.
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    UEFA Champions League, Yes, THE WHOLE DAY!
    Whazzup dawgs?

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    I suited up showed up in my GF's house and asked her were was she tanking me too dinner.

    I told her I was on duty that day (I am military) caught her by surprise :P
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    Casual - This is a player that will let everything else take priority over wow.
    Hardcore - This is a player that is fine with putting things on hold while he's on wow.
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    Played WoW, watched some netflix, was enjoyable.

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    This thread makes me feel old.

    Went to work, got take-out dinner, came home, had dinner, exchanged gifts with the wife, watched TV and got some action.

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    took the gf to dine at her favorite sushi place and then later on she returned the favor

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    I raided and got my legendary staff finished finally

    I prefer to do nice things for the other person because I randomly want to not because I am "supposed" to... Valentines is a crock in my book.

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    Average Day/Champions League
    Howay the lads!

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    we Avoided taking part in a celebration designed for the making of proffit.
    we do not need a day to show someone that we love them. we do this everyday.
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    I uh didn't do anything out of the ordinary.

    So yah, nothing special.

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    went to class and studied for midterms

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    Had too much wine -,-

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    Same as every other day. Ever.

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    played games for a little bit, watched tv, and sat around the house alone... pretty much the same things i've been doing for the past 5 years...


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    Took my best friend out to dinner.

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