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    everywhere you go this mount magically appears next to you

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    This must be the most dramatic, attractive dragon ever! Everyone is going to go 'WOW' in WOW! Who would not want one?

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    Rolling for free dragony goodness

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    sick mount, hoping on not having to buy it :P

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    Sad should have been the meta for DS.

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    That mounts way to cool to pass up the chance to win it

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    This looks amazing, thank you Blizz.

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    Pretty Good Unique Design for a mount, Be cool to have going into MoP as it looks sort of like a Chinese Dragon design.

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    nice looking mount ! sad its from shop but wth wth .

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    Sick looking mount

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    weeeee shiny dragon

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    I'd love to explore the new continent on the back of this fantastic, oriental inspired mount. It's just so beautiful I could stare at it for hours and hours. Not to mention the unique movement...*eyes glazing over*.

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    For great something.

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    The perfect mount for my future Pandaren Monk since it has an asian dragon feel to it.

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    Looks Amazing :P

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    I will CRUSH, and DESTROY, and....ooh, shiny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    This is a shame and none should buy it.

    Shouldn't it be a hard to obtain mount which everyone would be able to grind?

    Instead, you pay for it... once again.

    Pity the way this game has turned. You just can't like this way of giveaway, if you do, you are not a gamer but a greedy player.
    Its like buying Skins in League of Legends. Its just a way to support the company. You don't have to call everyone who buys it a horrible person... that's just awful. Just because you can't get it doesn't mean you should ruin it for everyone else.

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