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    very nice mount

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    This is looks very nice

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    i never won anything before... let me win now

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    It's sad that it's just another cash cow. I was expecting it to be the first Raid Meta reward of MoP. :c

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idoru View Post
    Or maybe this is based on a model already in development for MoP and only needed some tweaking.

    My point is, pointless whines are pointless.
    Maybe ... have you seen the lion mount model from store used somewhere ?

    My part in this story has been decided. And I will play it well.

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    I wish I had this mount. Sadly I got no acces to creditcard and other payments methods aren't an option right now. I hope I just win the contest -.-

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    Well, at least it´s not a panda mount.

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    Wow, cool mount. It does not need flying also! Level 20's ride on it. And i hope its part of MoP...... Then bilzzard would have nothing to sell.

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    I've already seen that retarded dragon in game, and wondered where it came from :d. Guess one should check this page more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Repefe View Post
    Maybe ... have you seen the lion mount model from store used somewhere ?
    Can't say that I have ... yet.

    Neither can I say that I know the inner workings of Blizzards design and modelling departments, which is why I don't whine about how I think they do their job.

    Btw, love how you skipped Tyrael's Charger.
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    eh, i will take one if it's free ...design is nice, change the freakin animation already you lazy wow devs

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    Awesome mount!

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    Best - maunt in Game!

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    Me too.

    I would like one, please.

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    Having a go at this. Good luck everyone.

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    If I'm not mistaken this is the same mount you get for reaching 150 mounts... so if you are going for that particular achieve you may want to hold off on buying this. Side note anyone know if they mentioned anywhere WHEN the contest winners will be announced and how they will do it? I would hate to waste too much or too little time looking for info on it because a wasting my time is no bueno and b i would hate to miss being an actual winner...

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    Wow, this is a beautiful mount, Wanna get it !

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    this mount is awesome... as i logged in today someone stand in front of me with it and i just thought... WOW

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    this mount is awesome

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