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    [A] <Qapla> 6/7H 3/8H LF Spriest/Heal + Tank

    Qapla was formed and has been raiding on Frostmourne a few weeks before 4.2 hit, and now spots for a capable Shadow Priest with either a Holy or Disc offspec has come up.

    We're looking for someone proficient in both specs, as both will be used for heroic progression, and for those who have had hard mode experience in this tier or previous ones.

    Current Progression
    Firelands: 6/7H
    H Morchok
    H Yor'sahj
    H Ultraxion

    Raid Times
    7:30-10:30PM Server Time
    Thursday, Sunday, Monday


    If you believe you are what we need, please register on the website and fill out an app.
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    Tank trial found, still looking for that healer.

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