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    Quote Originally Posted by jamlol View Post
    I did it for the chicks man.

    Out at the bar, I'm all like....'Sup baby, I got realm first priest'

    And they're all like 'ooooh baby'

    Ahahahahahah! So much win!

    My biggest pointless achievement has been leveling an alt without any kind of heirloom.
    That can still take quite long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    Ahahahahahah! So much win!

    My biggest pointless achievement has been leveling an alt without any kind of heirloom.
    That can still take quite long.
    I did that by creating a toon on a different server, took me about 3 weeks to do 1-85, but i wasn't leveling very actively (I think I even did explorer while I was leveling).

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    I did the fishing achievement whose name i forgot (the title for winning both fishing contests and tons of fishing achievements).
    But the most disturbing part for me was that i enjoyed it. I loved to stand there and play this mindless minigame for hours. And above all i remember the contests i won vividly until today, because i was extremely nervous and focused on winning x)
    I guess everyone has dark secrets, this is mine

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    I did the Insane title on my main, even tho I never use titles.
    Why I did it, because I am a rep whore [still need to fix Steamwheedle rep]
    Gertrude of Aurora, possibly the best 3 day raiding guild in the world!

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    arent they all pointless though

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    why i did pointless achivements like killing critters or explorer...cause i was bored

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    On a wild ride with Zebedee.
    Running backwards & forwards through Plaguelands tunnel killing critters for Critter Kill Squad achievement, whilst sat in lengthy bg queues, just to get another pet. Think guild had 3k kills when I started this.

    Finally got the achievement, only to find out needed guild exalted & I was new to the guild, so was still neutral.

    What made it more pointless, was I knew once my months sub` was up I was quitting/uninstalling the game haha

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    I do pointless achievements to tie over time.

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    The Keymaster! Thats one "pointless" achievement, on the otherhand I never did it, or wait did i? Somewhere I have the feeling I did, but nah! I dont have it so.. I can't have done it!?

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    Nothing else to do ingame.

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    I did level all the wep skills including fist on my Shaman when that was doable.. and now got my FoS "Did somebody order a knuckle sandwich" ^_^
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    i rember making a new toon for the x-mas season deal to get a few of the achieves then ended up lvling it up at a later date

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