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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Post
    Survival hunter;

    Black Arrow - Now fires a Black Arrow at the target, dealing 1,051% Weapon damage as Shadow damage to the enemy target. In addition, Black Arrow deals 4,204 damage over 20 sec to the target and any other enemy within the path of the Black Arrow when fired. (40 yd range, Costs 40 focus, No cooldown, Instant cast)
    OMG what are they thinking of?
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    Protection warriors don't have colossus smash, instead they get [Shield Barrier: Reduces magical damage taken by 25% for 6 seconds. Requires shields. 1.5 sec cooldown.] Also, Deep Wounds has changed: it is now primarily caused by Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst, and Devastate only, rather than by critical hits; and does a set amount of damage rather than a % of crit damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregomyeggo View Post
    did anyone else poop their pants in happiness when they saw the new shaman ability ascendancy?
    yes...I peed a little lol.

    The thing is though, after seeing the twilight ascendants in cata, I always wished shamans would get a CD of sorts that worked like that. The shaman would ascend to a different plane of existence (the elemental plane) and take on some of the spells and power of the elements of the associated spec. Water elementals for water, wind/fire for balance/enh either or.

    It looks like blizz has put the nail in the coffin for shaman tanking though

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    I know it's a misprint, but I'd really like to see the 50,000 yd range on disengage go live.

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    This is the post I've been waiting for

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    pretty sure you guys forgot taht all rogues at level 30 now give 10% haste buff

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    You missed the druid Mark of the Wild. Looks like it no longer gives the resistances, just buffs the main stats.

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    I am quite sure most people over looked that...

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    *NEW* Disengage - You attempt to disengage from combat, leaping backwards. Can only be used while in combat. Required level 14. (50,000 yd range, 25 sec cooldown, Instant cast)
    So I'm guessing this is the new Hunter Teleport to get out of combat, now we can disengage from Northrend to Kalimdor?

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    I think you missed that Throwdown seems to be gone.

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    Disengage isn't new, I just used it ten minutes ago. What does adding 50,000 yd range to it do? Do we jump back 50,000 yards now? And I hope we hunters weren't the only ones that got damage reduced by at least half on every single attack.

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    As a Priest u must be sad...

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    I have a question: I do not fully understand: Sinister Calling - No longer increases the percentage damage bonus of Backstab and this a Nerf for the tree? or is this some sort of benefit?

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    Now when elemental shamans crits, they will do 250% instead of 200% dmg

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    Frostbolt used to be 1.5 sec cast, they reverted bact to 2 seconds

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    You guys missed Aftermath; warlocks; destructionAftermath: rain of fire does not need to be channeled, and will stun all enemies struck for 2 seconds.

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    "Vampiric Touch now regenerates health and mana equal to 50% of the damage done by Vampiric Touch. Mana cost reduced to 3%, down from 16%."hahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahanerf for this inc.

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    Vampiric Touch now regenerates health and mana equal to 50% of the damage done by Vampiric Touch. Mana cost reduced to 3%, down from 16%.hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahanerf for this incoming soon

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    OH_MAW_GAWD rangedroguerangedroguerangedroguerangedrogue... I might have to come back purely because of this...

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