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    BF3/BF2 hybrid music

    I found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce_cY...el_video_title and I think it is the best battlefield song I have heard.

    I need your guys help finding the song! I have looked for a while now but I can't find it without the sound effects of the game in this video. If anyone can find a link to this song it would be greatly appreciated. Download or stream doesn't matter. Thanks!

    Feel free to post other awesome battlefield songs if you know some good ones.

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    Let's not forget the BF2142 victory song!

    Nor the DICE Dog Tag Challenge II -- 15 dev tags (and made the top 20) -- w00t!

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    this ?

    its the main theme extended version, added the original as well
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    Lol why couldn't I find that? Thank you so much! You the man.

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