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    Feeling pretty bad for the GOP - who should have run?

    Man, those candidates are pretty fucking crazy. Your best guy, RP, can't get any traction, anywhere, and he's the most likely guy to be Obama. Romney, for some reason, isn't liked by the right. Santorum might actually win the nomination, and he's like a crazy 1930's bigot back from the dead (women's place is in the home; really? can they at least vote?).

    I think Obama started 2011 thinking he was going to have the fight of his life. I think after a year+ of the GOP beating itself to death and never putting forth a really good candidate, they've almost no chance at the White House this year.

    Just out of curiosity, if you are one of those unfortunately GOP'ers, who would you like to have seen even enter the race? Maybe Christie from NJ?

    I'd love to hear people's ideas on whether there could have been anyone in the GOP this time around that could beat Obama.
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    See the megathread on the GoP presidential race: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...can-Discussion

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