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    By Lieutenant Colonel Whiskers McBallofur Maximilliamus the Third

    Riders of Icarus saddles up for open beta on July 6th

    The third closed beta test for Riders of Icarus has come to a close, and thanks are being offered to testers within that third closed beta. But there’s still an open beta to consider, which is launching on July 6th. That means no more wipes when early access to the open beta starts on June 29th, making the distinction between “open beta” and “launch” fuzzy in the extreme.

    Owners of Founder’s Packs will be able to participate in the week-long head start, along with receiving all of the other fun gewgaws associated with a Founder’s Pack. There’s still time to pick one up if it appeals to you, but if you’re on the fence, you’ve got less than a month to wait for the open beta. You can take a look at MJ’s piece on the game if you’d like some additional insight.
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    I got to level 15 as an assassin and level 10 as a Berzerker. I liked Assassin and dare even say that this is probably the best built assassin class I have played in an mmo. Lots of manueverability is hard baked into the class. I didn't enjoy the Berzerker much as half of its abilities did more damage based on how much damage you have taken but healers will keep you topped off at all times. I also have issues with most of its strikes require a step forward, where the assassin can swing and manuever freely the Berzerker is locked into a step forward which is bad for when you want to not be there.

    I twitch streamed the game for about 6 hours, if anyone wants to see the game play you can see it on my twitch stream, do a search for ShadowKa0s (the 0 is a zero) and it will bring up several previously recorded videos. One of my friends watched them and decided to give it a try when she gets the opportunity because it reminded her of aion.

    I got to the point where I could do a dungeon and the beta was about to close so I didn't do it, but I had dabbled a bit in mounted combat and I got the first taste of the aerial juggle for assassin. I hope I get to test it some more, as the game was fun but it needs harder questing content and quests that involve more than killing 3 bears and collecting 3 bear poops.

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