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    MapCrunch game

    Here's a fun game for you.
    Go to select “hide location”, make sure you have all countries unselected, and click go. What this will do is drop you in a random part of the world. It’s as if you woke up on the side of a road in an unfamiliar country. The goal of the game is to find your way to an airport so you can return home.
    Good luck! I'm still trying to find my way in what looks like South America.

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    Lol, I ended up in this unpopulated part of Sweden... Insane long roads with no signs at all.
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    Does not work for me. It only says "working..."
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    haha thats really cool! but i got dropped in a remote part of what i think is Florida gonna be a long walk.

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    Does not work for me. It only says "working..."

    the green button on the side? you have select countries above it, then click the green button.
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    I got dropped on a corn farm in Italy (truck with an Italian flag on it down the road), there's some nice scenery and villages around here but I couldn't find an airport. I gave up, it was Veneto, Italy.

    Next I was dropped on a motorway outside of Barcelona, easy

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    landed in the middle of a city in Romania, could tell cause of a sign saying to elect someone for president.

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    Getting a 403 Forbidden error on the page

    *Edit* Got in. It dropped me in the middle of the freaking desert in Australia. I only know I'm in Australia because the road I'm on is called The Great Northern Highway which I know to be in Australia. I had to choose from north or south and I chose to go north. I've been going for 15 minutes now and have yet to see any signs of civilization. I haven't even seen a turn off anywhere yet. The only human creations besides the road have been some tiny guard rails when the road whet over a small rut and a few signs that say "Bea Bea 1km" but I keep going and they keep saying 1km. I don't know what they mean.

    *Edit again* After an hour of clicking and still stuck in the middle of the desert I gave up. This is where I was:
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    I finally managed to find an airport in Brazil... (okay, I cheated a little, but only a little).

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    well finding an airport in a remote part of scotland is not easy :\ why dont you build more airports Scotland!

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    this place needs more signposting! about 10mins ago i saw a sign to "Northhampton" which i think has an airport, but i have been travelling for ages and not seen another sign post, so i have no idea which direction i am suppose to go
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    I ended up on an island I think.

    There is some giant boat, and a bunch of people in red jackets walking around in snow. I think i'll just ask them to take me back to wherever they came from.

    That was too easy. Time for round two.

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    Ok, I'm in croatia somewhere now.

    Time to walk down a road for several hours.

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