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    Ashes Of Al'ar..

    So today while i was leveling my druid, i had a really weird feeling. So i went to check deepholm, nothing, naturally. I also did a few laps for the TLPD, Poseidus, and the camel figurines. I then got the idea of starting to do a weekly TK run, with everything on free roll. I got me and 4 other people and we did the raid. I said GL to my group and the mount i have wanted forever, dropped. The Ashes Of Al'ar was right there. I was shaking so bad i posted my Real ID status as something like "askdlnakjsdnajsd ASHES DROPPED asjdnaksnd". And of course i have been reading threads of people getting rare mounts their first run. So the rolls were finally in.

    Need Roll - 82
    Need Roll - 67
    Need Roll - 34
    Need Roll - 76
    Need Roll - 43 for [Ashes of Al'ar]by Minuto
    Bacon___ Won [Ashes of Al'ar]
    Bacon___ receives loot: [Ashes of Al'ar]

    Right before the roll, the person who won said that she would pay 350kg for it. Of course I wouldn't sell it, but still ironic.

    My heart completely sank. Oh, and i forgot to mention that earlier that day my friend got a Shadowfang for 200g. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is worth around 100-150kg.

    Anyway, I started texting my friend about what had just happened to me. He began to troll me non-stop because i kept saying things like "O well, it'll drop again". He responded with "lolololololol ya sure u will... in a few years ahaha". After i told him that i was the group leader because i don't trust people hosting runs like TK because it's extremely simple to ninja. He kept telling me that i could have switched it to master looter and that mount could be all mine. But i'm not like that at all because i would just think how i would feel if that happened to me.

    The point of this whole post was to share with you my story because i like reading things like this and i wanted to ask, do YOU think that i will ever see this drop again if i run it on 3 toons every reset? I know RNG is RNG but everyone that i've talked to said that they have seen it more than once before eventually winning the roll. I'm also thinking of making a little Achievement / Mount Log, For example,
    ----Run 1 5/3/12------ Ashes Drop #1
    ----Run 24563 7/21/20 ---- Ashes Drop #2
    But i would do that for every single mount that i am trying to get would you be interested in that?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and i wish you all Good Luck with the achievements / mounts you are trying to get! I hope my luck with the ashes drop runs off on you all who are farming it!

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    Ouch, sorry to hear it. RNG is a cruel mistress. I haven't yet run Kael'thas with my friend enough times to complain about bad RNG on Ashes, but at least we're sure that once it drops the first time, it'll belong to one of us.

    I wish you good luck in future attempts, don't give up! Not sure if it will encourage you, but this friend I spoke off and myself got two Azure Drake drops in a quite short time period for the kind of rarity it has. Don't lose hope yet
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    Ouch... that sucks

    *giggle*, tbh ... for 350k though, I would have sold it, just a shame that you lost out on it.(the streams are a real pain in the arse and hurt your eyes though, however pretty and unique it appears.)
    I respect you more than anything though for actually not ninjaing it, pretty much everyone left in this game would have =/
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    Your picture suggests you play shaman. I have an Enhancement shammy friend who solo'd Kael'Thas for a few months until it dropped. Don't remember what he does, something like killing the adds in various positions on the way to the entrance and you have to use a PvP trinket for something... :P

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    yea I was gonna say, solo it (if you can) or at the very least 2 man it with someone you know who will run it each week regardless. Like make a pact that you two will only stop once both of you get it. much easier that way. happy farming

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    I know the feeling about rolling, and then loose something you really want.. I always leave the computer when i loose because i get so annoyed!

    Anyway, RNG sucks, but you got al'ar to drop in the first run.. While other might have done more than 100 and never seen it.
    My worst RNG was 900 ~ runs in Stratholme (in tbc when it was 0.01%). But i got it after 80 runs when they buffed the drop rate.
    But! in tbc i started 3manning ZG, and then in whole wrath i did it solo, so for 3.5years twice aweek i did ZG and i NEVER saw raptor drop. And by statistics i had 96% chance to have seen the mount.. And few weeks before they removed it a guildy decided to do ZG and Kara, he got both zg mounts the in 2 resets and kara mount in one week. Its a fair system...

    Ohh and i did see ZG raptor drop in vanilla when it was a raid, and we were rolling for it, and i didnt roll (because it was a raptor and i played troll>_<) So stupid, What if! i had rolled, and won it, and then would have gotten it on my main in mop when BoA comes...

    Anyway you should get someone to 2man it. And do more than 1 instance, like malygos/onyxia/TK.. That way, if you get 1 mount, he gets mount nr2. And that way, the person you farm with, wont leave after he gets his mount
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    why would you run TK with so many people?

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    very end of wrath, i killed kael thas for the 1st time on my druid, saw the mount but didnt win. in mop i mained on my hunter and soloed kael thas to get the mount. saw it on my 5th kill.

    6 kills 2 mounts.

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    dropped for me on my 3rd solo run (hunter)

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    My Ashes story might annoy you lol. Basically i went with 3 friends as usual. Not expecting it to drop having never seen it drop since "TBC" dropped and i was outrolled. Now being the biggest mount collector ever! lol :P i was so gutted that i lost ... Having already once lost my favorite mount (onyxia) a few months before. Anyway i decided the next week i would go with a tank that has the mount who is a friend and another friend who was on an alt and would pass.....and AMAZINGLY it dropped and ofc i was able to loot it . Anyway i saw it drop two weeks in a row so there is still some hope for you!. If you wanna see my mount collection just Armory "Wii" Warlock on Draenor . If i had all the TCG cards id have one of the highest mount collections in the world but sadly i cant afford them all lol...maybe one day.

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    It's worth no more than 35 dollars on an account. That is no more than 40k gold. You are a flat out MORON for not taking it.

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    Should have just soloed it. That's how I got my Ashes.

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    Only certain classes are capable of soloing KT.

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    I've run it with my friends now for about 10 weeks. Last week the mount dropped, and since I have almost all legendaries I can have, I also wanted the mount. My friend rolled 54... I rolled 47. Totally shocked me.

    Oh well, atleast we agreed to help eachother out until we both got it, so now it's all about luck on it dropping!

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    Never give up is all I will say to you =) However I suggest you DUO it next time rather then X4 rolls the amount on your end =(

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    Its all about random, but you can "expect" to see each ~55kills the mount once.
    Sure, u also can see next week 3mounts, but will require much luck.

    P.S: I have seen sofar 3x ashes, one ninjad, one for me & i sold the third one for about 28k (my customer was paying each week 3k - even when it did not drop)

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    This is a secret :o
    Well farm it in as many toons as possible, blizz is making mounts account wide as the latest mmo-champ post announced. So gogo lvl 10 alts and have 10 tries each week or something similar! Once you win it on an alt, it will be available for all your toons at mop launch!

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    Really rubbish when that happens, but never know, might drop the next run! (RNG is RNG after all).

    One thing that confused me...what is Shadowfang that is worth 100,000g? I know it can't be the low level blue sword...can it?

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    Solo Kael.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Effbee View Post
    Really rubbish when that happens, but never know, might drop the next run! (RNG is RNG after all).

    One thing that confused me...what is Shadowfang that is worth 100,000g? I know it can't be the low level blue sword...can it?
    Yes, yes it can.

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