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    There is no way that Anet would have set all this up with no way to tell how many different PC's signed up rather than how many different email addresses. MAC addresses are the perfect way to do this and it's how I bet they did it. Especially when you consider that the deciding factor on beta access is computer specs.

    I signed up on the PC's at work, my gaming rig at home and my laptop (7 in total). All of them have different specs and if any of those get into the beta then I'll be playing on that computer and giving the best feedback I can. That's what beta is all about.

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    I just hope Anet are smart/care enough to get peoples MAC addresses with the DxDiag scan (basically scanning and sending your hardware parts unique serial numbers).

    Sure people can sign up with different hardware, but that is nearly not as common as using multiple emails or a proxy.

    In a public beta where everyone has the chance on testing the game there should be an equal chance of getting in, and scanning for MAC addresses is one way to do it (and as I said I hope Anet does this as it's pretty straightforward).
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    I'm making two extra GMAIL accounts. My parents have an old/salvaged Desktop PC and my Dad also has a work laptop. Since they are both pretty crappy, Arenanet will surely want one of those two if they end up not choosing mine.

    I don't think one household (IP address, as we all share the same internet) can receive more than 1 beta key, but even if I did get several, I couldn't spare them if I wanted to NDA and account sharing rules (I presume, anyway) both stop me from doing that.

    Knowing me though, even with 3 chances and 2 not-so-amazing computers, I still won't get chosen. One can hope! And hope is all I have left.
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    Higher chance to get a beta invite if you....?

    Are sleeping with one of the Dev's =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roar-Powah View Post
    Higher chance to get a beta invite if you....?

    Are sleeping with one of the Dev's =P
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    Higher chance to get a beta invite if you....?
    Got a really crappy computer ?

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