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    don't think there is a set rotation, I imagine blast and wave you can use on any fight, arcane shield is a bit more situational

    I would add in sigil of intelligence to my weapon since I attune swap all of the time, so say I'm in water attunement, I use arcane blast to get the crit damage boost, attune swap to fire or air to get the 100% crit chance, and then use a big attack like dragons tooth (if the enemy is stationary for that particular skill)

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    Arcane Wave in the fire field for more might (preferably at the end of earthquake).
    Arcane Blast depends on enemy HP, if you can wait till you're in Air Attunement use it together with Lightning Strike. If you can't wait just Pop it whenever.

    Arcane Shield I just threw in for some leeway.
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    I guess I'm just not sure when you attunement-swap versus using the arcane abilities. Is there some prio like fire > air > arcane > earth, or is it just a matter of finding what's on cooldown, or .. ? I understood the earlier comment "I'd prioritise air over fire though since one of the best combo's you can use is: fire 243 air 241. The trick here is to be in Air before fire 2 and 3 hit so you get the dmg bonus anyway" ... but now I'm guessing that's just the opener.

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    You're correct that's the opener but after that most enemies will be dead. Save your arcane skills for veterans. For the rest just cycle through and learn to keep track of the CD's of the fire skills while you're in air so you maximise DPS. The "good" skills in fire is everything aside from 1. I

    It's also important that I clarify this:

    I MADE Acouple of BOOOBOOOs you want to use your arcane skills while in air but before the rest hits so that dragon's tooth and air 2 get the 10% critical damage bonus. Also because you're not going for might stacking you should actually do (fire) 2435(air)241 (I'm used to the LH rotation which is all about getting up as much might for your team).
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    Ok, thanks, that's starting to make sense to me. I think I'll start off with Fire>Air and weave in Arcane later (especially since it'll take time to unlock the Arcane Lightning). I appreciate all the advice.

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    Can someone please recommend a good leveling and/or solo PVE build for ele? I'm not new to the game, and ele will by my 8th level 80, but when I look up build guides they all involve complicated rotations and group mechanics that just don't seem practical - or even possible - for solo play and/or leveling. I do not need a 2 button spam build or anything, just something that works in "the real world" of solo play.

    If it helps, I level mostly by completing every zone I'm in, and do events if they don't seem too much of a hassle.

    TL;DR - What is a good solo PVE and/or leveling build?
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    I used a simplified version of this:

    I never even got around to using the lightning hammer much, sadly. As complicated as the rotation sounds, most things were dead by the 3rd spell and I almost never had to switch out of fire attunement.

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