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    Are you taller than your refrigerator?

    Are you taller than your fridge?

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    Nope ...

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    Got a good bit of height on mine actually.
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    nope, i'm only 5'6. but it's cool, cause i like being kinda short

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    Yup like 6 inches, I'm 5'11"

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    Nah, I'm off by an inch or two.
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    nope. I'm 5'2 so people like to hide stuff from me by putting it on top the fridge and then watch me stand on a chair to reach it. >.>

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    Yes I am.

    But I have a minifridge and it stands around 2-2.5 feet so anyone except a midget is taller than it.

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    6'3 that fridge aint got nothing on me

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    I'm 5'8''. Got a 5'10'' fridge. I can stand on my tip toes to look at its top.
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    Stood in the Fire strangebreed's Avatar
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    nope im 5'3 =/ can't reach many things without a "stick" of some sort

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    6'5" here, so not a problem.

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    My fridge is tall as fuck... I think it's like 6'2, so nope, but almost as tall ;[

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    I'm almost 6'4 so no. My fridge is small I want to say shoulder height.
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    Im 5'10, and about 2 inches taller then my fridge.
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    Yes, I'm looking down upon that bastard. Only by about 4 inches though, Mr. Fridge stands at 5'9" - 5'10".
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    I use a chest fridge so yeah.

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    I'm well over 6ft, so yes.

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    6 ft 8 ohhh yea

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    Herald of the Titans Jakexe's Avatar
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    At 6'2 I got a few inches on both my standing fridges.
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