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    8/8 H: DS | 7/7 H: FL <S Key Gamers> 4 Nights [GMT+10] Recruiting for MoP (Horde)

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    Bump for a quality tank app to help us get Server Firsts in T14 +. Long applications are good applications mmkay!?

    T13: US 66 | Oceanic 11 | Realm 1 <5%>
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    To the roof!
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    Still looking for a quality tank app. Come join the best guild on saurfang
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    Still looking for an illimatic tank.
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    Expect another app from me in the near future - got a raiding set up that accommodates for my broken arm and still allows me to play at a high end level ^.^

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    <<Recruiting has been updated>>

    Looking for a very solid healer, either Resto Shaman or Resto druid for the remainder of Dragon Soul and going into MoP.

    Additionally, we now have vacancies in DPS. We are looking for an exceptional Warlock or Shadow Priest and also a competent Hunter.

    Whisper myself in game @ Defines / Define / Paintrain if you would like to talk.

    Alternatively, add me on realid at utpdefine at hotmail.com if you would like to inquire further.

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    Still looking for applicants in these areas:

    Resto Shaman / Resto Druid and Warlock, Shadow Priest and Hunter. If you think you're an exceptional player, feel free to apply!
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    Still looking for solid DPS and an exceptional healer for both DS and MoP.
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    Recruitment update:

    Now looking for exceptional DPS applicants as follows:

    Boomkin, Warlock, Shadow Priest, Hunter

    Looking for any number of people from these classes in order to round out a very very solid roster for MoP.
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    Recruitment closed.
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