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    [Shadow] Procs and buffs questions

    Hello guys,

    First of all, sorry for my approximative english, i'm not a native speaker.

    So i just start to play my shadow priest again after leaving it since Blackwing Descent (4.2 ?). I have a few questions concerning dot refreshing and buffs.

    When I played my priest back in 4.2, to have empowered shadow up all the time was the top priority. Is it still the case ? Because I learned that we don't have to wait for a shadow orb proc to cast mind blast and It was the case in 4.2. What I did back then is that even if my dots felt down, i still waited for a shadow orb proc to reaply ES if it had fall off. Still the case or not ?

    Secondly, I also read that we have to reapply dots if an important buff procs. Therefore, I reapply vampiric touch and DP every time power torrent or my dark moon card volcano buff procs ? Is it the way to do it ? (because I tried to do the same cycle ignouring buff procs and I was approximatly at the same DPS, sometimes higher !)
    - If yes, do I have to do it with all the procs ?
    -If yes, VT or DP to reaply first ?

    Thirdly, back in 4.2 just BEFORE activating ARchangel, i reapplyed my dots. Is it still a good thing to do ? Also, is it important to wait for trinket procs and stuff to activate archangel ?

    Finally, just before my volcanic potion buffs falls off, i reapply my dots to extend the lengh of the buff.Good thing to do ?

    Thanks in advance for all your answers :-) I may have other questions in the future !

    PS: here is my armory if you want to gear check me, etc :-) http://eu.battle.net/wow/fr/characte...C3%A0/advanced

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    - use mb on cd it brings more dps then waiting for orbs
    - don´t let dots fall off
    - i reapply dots when important spellpower procc occur (only weapon enchant is not enough there)
    - always reapply Dp when procs occur since it´s dpet is higher than mindflay
    - use archangel on cd it is a dps loss to wait (unless you have t13 4 piece and archangel and shadowfiend are less then 15 sec to wait to sync together)
    - generally speaking its a good idea to extend the length of the potion but dont renew dots that were renewed a few secs ago
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    You didn't wait for Orbs before casting MB in BWL (4.0, 4.1), and certainly not in 4.2 (Firelands) either.
    By MY hand, your slack shall be extinguished, eternally banished from this realm.

    Holyfury armory - <Inept> 3d/w 25guild

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