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    This project is US and we will accept pretty much anyone as long as you can understand basic raiding concepts, don't be bad, finish gearing, etc. To join simply level a character to 50 and begin gearing him there is a link at the bottom of this post which you should take a look at. If you still want additional info on everything you may also add my battletag kylerlemieux#1525. So to begin the real. This post is to promote project fifty which is a cross realm raiding group which has the end goal of defeating all the classic raids of Wow that are still available. This is the perfect time to restart the group as there is a major downtime spike until Warlords of Draenor releases, meaning people will have downtime during there normal play times but may still wish to play making this the perfect opportunity to restart the raiding group. The current raids still available are Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, AQ10 and AQ40, unfortunately the rest of the raids from vanilla have been removed. Currently we are recruiting everything and all classes(Caster dps is not super viable as they need an atrocious amount of hit to do any sort of damage). For anyone who doubts that ability to enter these raids, or the possibility to do them you may check my achievements I have completed both molten core and AQ10 on this character. I personally believe one of the best things about this raiding style is that it has never been done before meaning we're learning new things quite a bit and have to attempt boss fights in an alternative manner. One of the boss fights Moam in AQ10/20 needs to be mana burnThied to avoid his semi raid wipe ability however we no longer have mana burn in the game nor was it available to level 50s when it was meaning we had to come up with a different tactic to kill him.

    FIFTY is a raiding project with all level 50 characters aiming to run Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, and Temple of Ahn'Qiraj at the lowest level possible, in classic raiding fashion. This is a cross-realm effort and it needs YOU. Everything will be documented and recorded. Direct all questions, inquiries, and anyone interested to THIS thread.

    Here are the details and what you need to know to join us.

    Preferred Race is Gnome for Sonic Booster and Noise Machine. If you are choosing to roll a Warrior, Priest, Warlock, Monk, or Rogue, please be a Gnome.

    If you have ANY question or comment regarding this project, feel free to leave a post in this thread.

    - Physical DPS requires 17% hit. Stack your best stat. Ignore HP.
    - Caster DPS are pretty much not viable Ele shamans, spriest, and boomkin can get near the required hit (around 60%) to actually do ok dps.
    - Tanks require at least 8600 HP unbuffed. 10,000 HP+ buffed preferred.

    Class Priority:
    Tanks - Warrior > Druid ≥ Monk > Paladi
    Healers - Priest = Paladin = Shaman = Druid = Monk
    DPS - Warrior ≥ Feral Druid ≥ Hunter = Rogue > Monk > Ele/Enh Shaman > Ret > Spriest < Boomy < mage/warlock (pretty much not viable at all)

    Current Progression:

    Molten Core (10/10) - CLEARED
    Lucifron - 5/18/12
    Magmadar - 5/18/12
    Gehennas - 5/19/12
    Garr - 12/21/12
    Shazzrah - 12/21/12
    Baron Geddon - 12/21/12
    Golemagg the Incinerator - 12/29/12
    Sulfuron Harbinger - 12/29/12
    Majordomo Executus - 12/29/12
    Ragnaros - 12/29/12

    Blackwing Lair (1/7)
    Razorgore the Untamed - 1/13/13
    Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
    Broodlord Lashlayer

    Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (6/6) - CLEARED
    Kurinnaxx - 04/10/12
    General Rajaxx - 04/14/12
    Moam - 05/04/12
    Buru the Gorger - 04/21/12
    Ayamiss the Hunter - 04/28/12
    Ossirian the Unscarred - 05/04/12

    Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (1/9)
    The Prophet Skeram - 1/11/13
    Bug Trio - Yuaj, Vem, Kri - (1/25/13)
    Battleguard Sartura
    Fankriss the Unyielding
    Princess Huhuran
    Vek'lor & Vek'nilash

    World Bosses - (Unsure if possible)
    Kazzak the Doomlord
    Any other faction specific world bosses (Garrosh is a level 70 elite in the outland as is Rexxar but we have not yet learned if they are possible at all and will need more testing)

    Region: US / Alliance
    Instance: Molten Core,bwl,aq10,aq20
    Time: Raid times undecided at this point once we get more activity will be updated. In the past has been around 8 PM cst but usually takes an hour to form and get everyone ready and usually lasts 2-3 hours
    BattleTag: Pm for info
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    Considering we are being forced to use this thread for grouping could a mod actually try to pretend to do something about how out dated it is? Old events are not removed from the front page, new ones are not added and yet mods continue to close useful threads. If a mod can take the time to comment and close a thread, then they have the time to maintain this thread.

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    I'm going to take the lack of response and lack of cleanup as an indicator that the mods are far more interested in interfering with groups than enabling groups.

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    All Saints Day! (all priest raid) 6/16/2014

    Attention fellow priests!

    Are you a disc priest, are you a holy priest, or possibly a shadow priest tired of the shackles that bind you to various classes in WoW?

    Often you are pigeon-holed into healing or only dpsing with other classes to clear a raid ... but now is not the time.

    Now is the time you smooth out your healing robes, dust off that shadow dps gear and grab your beverage of choice for the All Saints Day -- all priest raid!

    That's right, on 6/16/2014 going to begin attempting a few MoP raids with ALL PRIESTS.

    Some might call us crazy, but i'll call us pioneers, blazing the trail not often done by priests!

    So what are you waiting for??

    Sign up now!!!

    Look up All Saints Day! on openraid, which is scheduled tomorrow.

    *If anyone can post the link that would be real cool as newbies to mmochampion cannot post links apparently*

    All priests classes welcome ... sorry other classes, this one is just for the priests.

    We'll be doing Mogu'shan Vaults 25-man (normal for now) with only priests!! At the present time I "heard" it was cleared with Throne of Thunder geared priests, so that'll be the lowest possible cut-off for ilvl requirement.

    Obviously higher geared folks will be given priority but sign up as you can never really gauge interest on something most would consider a crazy idea!!


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    I'm looking for a person (lvl 90) from a (very, if possible) low population realm (EU-Horde) to farm Zandalari Warbringers together. I'm not interested in the mount so the partner can have it, also the rep tokens. I can practically solo them so your gear does not matter, you can be a fresh lvl 90 or a geared one; you can also get your reputation with most Pandaria factions and also the mount. I'm only after the mats (if you don't need any rep tokens I can have them too, but I am not interested in the mount whatsoever).

    Add me on BTag: OzanDincer#2272

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    Looking for an Ele Shaman for Cm's

    Title says it all. We're a Cm group comprised of me, Surv Hunter Alt, our Brewmaster Tank, Resto Druid, and a Shadow Priest.
    Been having troubles finding a final dps for it.

    My Hunter has a proving grounds record of 6398.
    You can armory my Hunter as Bunt-Proudmoore on the US realms, since I have not posted enough to be able to attach links.
    Message me if your interested and I can hook you up to our tank who'll manage times with you.

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    LF members to kill Zandalari Warbringer mobs on EU

    Add if you're interested Muffin#2996

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    Starting a Herald of the titans run soon. current needs are tanks,resto druid,rogue,mage and any dps. may have lock spot open.

    for more info please add toasty #1533
    my friend code...

    5241-1925-7760 name toasty

    up for battles ...after 10/18/2013

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    [A]Herald of the titans (14th August EU)

    So on the 14th of August I am running a Herald of the titans run have around 4-5 people gearing etc so far if there is anyone who would like to tag a long let me know you can sign up here or leave a comment if you would like to level a character up. Thanks!

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