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    Returning healer looking for help

    Hey I haven't played in 2 years and I'm a returning healer, i have all the healing classes with my 710 ilvl 100's and I'm wondering what is the best healer class? Or at least the most sought after for mythic raiding? I can't decide between holy priest mist weaver and resto druid, but totally open to paladin or shaman if their more needed.

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    .... I 'unno.
    We can't really pick a class for you.

    That said.. All healers are roughly equally in demand (except monks, no one likes those)

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    General consensus is that healing classes are more balanced than ever before. That said, you might want to take a look at disc priest to see if it interests you as the spec was redesigned - now a good chunk of their healing comes from DPSing.

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    Paladin and disc priest shits on everyone currently and they will be even further ahead next patch when they have access to new tier

    Avoid Mistweaver say all costs. They are truly shit.

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    Very balanced atm, Pallys and Discs have niches, very strong ones, they don't exactly "shit on everyone" raid teams need multiple healers.

    The only healer every raid team NEEDs, is a Hpally.

    But raid teams want a Hpally, RDruid, RShaman. The 4th slot is best filled by a good disc, but if you aren't very good at disc, then Holy suits that spot just fine.

    If your choices are between RDruid, Holy Priest and MW monk mainly, Rdruid seems to be the best option (Keep in mind, healer specs are extremely well balanced atm, so they are all viable, which you're best at means more than which is minorly stronger)

    But really, for once, you can play what you like, and as long as you're good at it, you're set. Even MW monk, it's a bunch of BS to say they're trash. With all played at peak level, yeah MW would be the worst, but it isn't BAD.

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    We can't pick for you kid, and these threads are not even allowed in here.
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    Awesome Im probably going to run my holy paladin

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    Closing as help me pick my class threads don't have a place here. But good for you that you made up your mind.
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