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    How important is BL in Mythic +?

    My 5 man comp is currently missing someone to bring BL. I was planning on maining a RDruid due to how strong they are in Mythic +, but if missing BL is that big of a deal I am considering playing RShaman instead.

    Any Beta testers notice a huge difference in groups that had BL and those that didn't?

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    Use Drums? Not as strong but surely alleviate the problem significantly.

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    If your team doesn't have bloodlust then either get one who does or prepare to carry shitton of drums with you because on the higher levels 10+ and above it's practically mandatory especially if you get tyrannical which boosts boss hp by 40% and damage by 20%.

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    You can use http://www.wowhead.com/item=120257.

    It will however get abit funky, as you will use 3-5 drums pr. full run on the higher difficulties (depends on dungeon - I think lowest timer is sub 30 and highest is 45). The also gives 5% less haste, but thats a minor thing.
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