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    Extra Drop for Raid/Ring Quest Items

    I remember at the end of Mists they had weeks where you got like double drops on those quest items for the orange cloak. Have they or will they do that with the tombs and rellic for the orange ring?

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    It's a bit late for any of that now, back in mop the extra drops served as a catchup mechanics, WoD has the weekly quests for that, as well as garrison/shipyard missions for extra quest items.
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    is there a way to get tombs that way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AutisticGamer View Post
    is there a way to get tombs that way?
    Sadly, no.
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    With the game being just over a month away I think its a bit late unfortunately, I know I have a couple of alts I would like to finish before launch but that wont be happening.

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    if they were going to do this we'd have seen it tested on the PTR, but we haven't. so i doubt they'll do it!
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    They should add more ways to get Crystallized Fel with 7.0, apexi cost, gold cost, drops from the demon invasion, or nethershard costs.

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    They should have made the Crystallized Fel BoA weeks ago, but sadly they did not. Don't expect any changes with regards to attaining the ring faster, or the upgrades but with blizz you never know.

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