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    Garrosh 10H specific class tips.

    Hi there, we're progressing on 10 man heroic Garrosh (we kinda sorted out T1 even if only once we made it to P2 and T2 without >25 energy or deaths) and i am looking for specific class tips or advice for the fight from P1 to P4, whatever you think might be often overlooked by players or think could be useful.

    I do not need help on the strategy, what i am looking for is something specific and/or situational like "Priests use SW:P on weapon right before T1 so that ToF is always up during T1".

    Our comp is:

    Tank: 1 Pala 1 DK/Monk
    Healers: 1 Disc 1 RDruid (kiter when we will reach P4)
    Dps: 1 Warlock (kills engineer), 1 Mage, 2 Hunters, 1 Shadowpriest, 1 EleSham, 1 Balance (6 out of these 7 depending on nights)

    These are the logs of the last 2 nights: (we had our best try here) (had some issues in P1 mostly due to monk tank new to the fight and doing less dps than DK)

    I'd really appreciate if any of you had something to share for these classes, even a tiny most situational help would be great.
    I feel that dps or healing can be improved, so please if you notice something in the logs that is off please do tell me.

    Thank you in advance for all your help, i hope this could be useful to other guilds aswell, cheer for us! =3

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    Where is all your melee =(

    We found T1 to probably be the hardest part, especially after we decided to just skip T2 (aka sit there and do nothing during it). We usually split into 5 groups of two, sometimes only 1 person on the middle adds and the back groups just lay into these as they run by (ele shaman great for this).

    For T1 our resto druid swaps his trinkets to reset the icd before the fight and then HOTW hurricanes the adds that the prot pally is controlling. Prot pally can control them for awhile with holy wrath stun into blinding light stun into holy wrath stun and finishing with a double kick if needed (avenger shield/rebuke).

    Once you get to empowered whirls its very helpful if you pally is the one with aggro during these. Have him turn righteous fury off and he wont get crazy aggro on the adds from self healing.

    The rest of the fight is just have a good plan for CD's for whirls, being very good and fast on the adds so that you can group back up and deal with MC's, and beat the dps checks.

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    In P1, a knockback of adds into Iron Star path followed by Priest Roots of OP will help a lot. After fixate goes out, they wont attack roots since they are fixated and will just stand there waiting for death. You will have 1 or two stragglers to deal with instead of all of them.

    For your lock, I personally preferred unglyphed havoc. While glyphed havoc can let a lock practically solo a group in heart transition, I don't feel it is NEEDED and the overall benefit of Havoc for embers more frequently ended up working better for me. I did engineers as well and would havoc one CB from eng and havoc would be ready again to copy incin/SB/SB to garrosh from the second wolf rider, then again to use in 1st heart transition.

    I left Burning rush on from pull until slams started to happen in first Heart phase, specifically since i was moving for engineers, but it stacks very well in the heart phase and helps you get from front to back super speedy like.

    between 1st heart and second heart I tried to max havoc on weapons during 4p proc for lots of embers.

    Always drop RoF before MC. You will get embers from the MC people and if you're the one MC, off your whole raid.

    For Empowered Whirling Corruptions, if Garrosh is sub 20%, havoc your add and dumps some shadowburns into Garrosh. You will 1 or 2 shot your add, quickly allowing you to support your neighbors (esp healers). Quickly killing adds is key to pushing garrosh and making the DPS checks.

    Sac Pact is super strong for this fight. Lots of predictable dmg. Sac Pact for Iron Star impacts, Sac Pact for dmg in heart phase, sac pact for empowered whirling. I alternate Sac Pact, Unending Resolve, Sac Pact for the 3 whirlings between heart phases and take virtually no dmg. Remember to stack Shadow Ward too if needed.

    And above all, once you start pushing phase 3 and working towards phase 4, make sure you guys have a game plan for phase 4. Its short, its easy. The only tricky part is your kiter hitting at the right time. the First time we got that interrupt in correctly, he died, even with 2 dps dieing on iron star impact. .. however the first several times we saw phase 4 half the group didnt know wtf they should be doing or where they should be standing. Nothing sucks more than finally hitting phase 4 only to have Malice go on the guy standing max range for some reason :P
    Above link is some random guilds phase 4 wipe I found on Youtube. Its a wipe, but its only 2 minutes long and shows start of phase 4 until Iron star impact... in other words, the most important part of the phase. I watched it numerous times to get a good feel of malice timing, bombardment timing, boss movement and positioning. Let me feel comfortable with what I needed to do, before having to do it. I think it was valuable. biggest issue we had with timing the impact is soaking the second malice correctly. We had a few attempts where for whatever reason we didnt have two peopel inside to soak teh last tick, pushing garrosh's energy from 95% to 100% instantly instead of taking an extra two seconds to tick up. Make sure nobody cheats this malice.

    Think that's about all I got, hope something helps.

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    Thanks a lot soulzar, that's just what i was looking for!
    If someone else can give the same help for other classes it would be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulzar View Post
    For your lock, I personally preferred unglyphed havoc. While glyphed havoc can let a lock practically solo a group in heart transition, I don't feel it is NEEDED and the overall benefit of Havoc for embers more frequently ended up working better for me.
    I'll echo this.

    I started using glyphed havoc, but after our group makeup worked out with me being paired with a mage anyway, I went unglyphed and you can get a lot more done in P3 with it, can either be cleaving weapons for extra embers, 1 shotting 2 sha adds spawned from whirlwind or cleaving shadowburns off weapons onto Garrosh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulzar View Post
    In P1, a knockback of adds into Iron Star path followed by Priest Roots of OP will help a lot. After fixate goes out, they wont attack roots since they are fixated and will just stand there waiting for death. You will have 1 or two stragglers to deal with instead of all of them.
    adding to this: if your dk is free to spec into mass grip, you can place your monk's statue in the line of the iron star for your dk to grip on to (i highly suggest making a macro) and then have one of your priests root them.

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    Is 30% movement speed from Ghost Wolf enough by itself to outrun the Iron Star in phase4? Haven't seen how fast the star moves anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paraalso View Post
    Is 30% movement speed from Ghost Wolf enough by itself to outrun the Iron Star in phase4? Haven't seen how fast the star moves anywhere.
    Yes. It's just barely fast enough.

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    A lot of good tips and facts already given, so I'll just add one possibility to the table:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sacredknight19 View Post
    We found T1 to probably be the hardest part, especially after we decided to just skip T2 (aka sit there and do nothing during it).
    Another possibility is to take out one tank or a healer. We did (in my old guild that's now buried, my current I just joined so don't get confused) garrosh with 1 tank and 2 healers (resto druid and a disc priest). This change and the fact that we were outgearing the fight because of slow progress gave us the chance to bypass T2 completely by DPSing the boss down before T2 started. This definately might not be possible for OP if the guild/some of raiders aren't geared to teeth yet, but is a working alternative if they have that gear already. We have 3 PoVs of that one kill before guild breaking apart, links in wowprogress when searching for Arctica on Stormreaver EU.

    I wish you the best of luck!

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    You have a disc priest and a Ele Shaman + D. Balance, you don't need 2 healers AT ALL.
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    Yea, what JV said. Another tip is just to one heal it with the Disc priest. Very few high damage phases and at those phases you can rotate CD's. Other than those phases, there is practically no damage going out. The non emp whirlings just require minor to personal cd's while the emp whirlings require damage to healing/barrier/tranq/etc. With one healing you can push checks much quicker without too much of a worry. Can even just skip the ToES transition if you'd like. We never skipped it to allow our priest to gain mana back, but, to each his own. One healing for us was much easier. But it can most certainly be two healed as well. With the nerfs, each dps check is much, MUCH easier now with two healing. As Jiigeri said, you can even 1 tank as well. This allows for your other tank to assume a DPS role and your tank basically acts as another DPS as well with him gaining high vengeance.

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    should let the monk kite the iron star in phase 4. absolutely useless to have 4 tanks there. letting a healer run seems dangerous, malice is the only reason you can wipe (apart from the wheel kiting obviously), dps is no issue. so either let a dps or the second tank do it, which then means it's quite obviously the tank. monks also have good enough run speed increase afaik, at least ours has no problem to do it without help.

    plus at the second bombardement, you might get another iron star (although you SHOULD spread out fast enough to not get it, but ...) and as there will be a malice up while you have to spread/move, i'd rather have both healers unoccupied.

    I don't see a point in 1 healer either. if you want to free up room for another dps, just run with 1 tank/2 healers. will be a higher dps gain overall from vengeance abuse.

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    If you are skipping Terrace phase, pull 1 pick at the start so your priest can mindbender (assuming they are using it) and get some free mana. Can just tank them while mindbender is up and then kill them very easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaib View Post
    I don't see a point in 1 healer either. if you want to free up room for another dps, just run with 1 tank/2 healers. will be a higher dps gain overall from vengeance abuse.
    For us it was because we saw no reason in two healing(This was pre-nerf as well). With one tanking, there is a possibility the tank could get insta-gibbed(Which, ultimately, if your only tank died the attempt is moot) as well as higher stacks in P3 for the explosion. With one healing, we had two tanks that could swap at low stacks allowing for low damaging explosions. Also negated that in the *rare* event one tank died, it wasn't a wipe. This also allowed for basically all CD's to line up properly with emp-whirling's and not having any high damage outside of those whirling's. From my side of the fence, I don't see any reason two healing if your raiders can comprehend simple mechanics, pop cd's when asked/needed, as well as not make stupid mistakes. I guess it's just go with whatever you can handle. If your dps dies to stupid, two heal to compensate. If your raiders don't, one heal. We just went with what was best for us. Also, there is no *might* get another iron star. You should *never* get another iron star before the second bombardment goes out.

    EDIT: Just to throw it out there. As far as one healing/two tank or two healing/one tanking goes, with the nerfs it shouldn't matter at all now. Just go with whatever you feel comfortable with.
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    When we killed this we went with 2 healers and 2 tanks. The hardest part in my opinion is the first transition and the phase 3 DPS check. For the first transition it is important that you have a plan where everyone knows exactly what they are doing. We used 5 groups and made sure every group at least 1 or 2 AoE stuns/silences. We had our prot paladin solo one pack with some help from dotters, then we had each of our 2 hunters use Binding shot on 1 pack each and had rotations of lock stuns/Belf silences/tauren stuns for the other 3 packs, Each group should have 2-3 people with at least 2 AoE interrupts and then assignments for single target interrupts. once you get past the first transition consistently, phase 2 is quite easy and depending on how good your DPS is you can either push phase 3 before the second transition starts or just stand around in the second transition and let him gain energy. Phase 3 has a tight DPS check but all you need is a bit of practice to get through p3 and 4.

    As far as specific class stuff goes, I can only speak to hunter tips. Hunters are very good for this fight because they are perfect candidates to put in the ranged weapon spawning group, they have exceptional single target damage and really good CD's for phase 4. In my opinion both SV and BM are totally viable for this fight and you should really juts pick the spec you have the trinkets for (I use Haromm's Talisman so I go SV). in phase 1 you can pre-place your traps where you will be tanking Garrosh for extra AoE and damage on the boss. in the first transition Hunters are very good because they have a 5 second AoE stun for a pack of adds In order to stun the stationary adds you need to aim your binding shot just next tot he adds so none of them are within the targeting circle. There are some videos on youtube where you can see the binding shot placement for various pack, but once you practice it a bit it's rather simple. Once the whirlwind is empowered (after the second transition) deterrence blocks 100% of the damage from the adds spawning which usually 1-shot. For p3 you can place your traps at the center of the room for that extra damage on the boss in p3 and make sure that when you get out of the second transition you save all your CDs for phase 3. In phase 4 hunters are very good at soaking the malice in order to spawn the iron star and we actually have a hunter soak the fourth malice as well so the boss doesn't get energy. Just go in to the malice and pop deterrence and the malice cannot kill you while deterrence is up.

    I prefer to use posthaste for this fight because you don;t really need the lower CD on deterrence and the times you do need to move are predictable, far apart and when you do have to move you have to move far so the posthaste speed is quite helpful.

    Good luck killing Garrosh!

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    From an ele PoV.

    Pre fight- DON'T glyph Chain Lightning, this a great fight for 3 target cleave(T1 and MC's are the only AOE that matter). If you are actually doing the T2 phase then you may want to pick up Call of Elements(45th lev talent) for blanket Tremor Totems once you get to the top.

    P1- Don't use SWG on the pull(save for T1), you can punt every set of adds into the wheel of death.

    T1- Put him in the "back"(closer to garro), use SWG and you can get off 4-6CL on the front/middle sets of adds(# depends on if you have a druid Roaring for you or not). Having your druid give him Syb is cool for an extra interrupt(and mobile tranq for the druid).

    P2- I was a D-weapon person. Whirl#1 Shamanistic rage/HTT, Whirl#2 Astral Shift/AG(ascendance still running), Whirl#3 Shamanistic Rage. We save Skull Banner/3m CD's until after the second MC is cleared before Whirl#2(pretty sure this is where we found trinkets coming up or something).

    T2- We just pro it up in the back of the room and wait for the next Phase since we had enough dps to get him to <10% in P2.5 either way.

    P2.5- Spawn the first weapon.. For Emp whirls make sure you have slow totem down and a good instant to pick up your add as DiscP's pull a lot of threat on them. EmpWhirl#1 Shamanistic Rage/AG, EmpWhirl#2 Astral Shift/HTT -> push boss to 10% pre #3 EmpWhirl.

    P3- Emp Whirl#1 Shamanistic Rage/AG, push him before the #2 whirl. If you try everything(kiting adds, ect.) and can't get him over before the second whirl then it is possible to stagger the tank explosions and CD through a second EmpWhirl(though a HUGE PITA), if that is the case then save AG for that.

    P4- Kill the boss, make sure you get out of Malice 2/4 early or you might spawn extra stars because you are slow as sh*t.

    I hope this is useful and GL !

    I am Çhubathingy of <Royal Militia> on KT - 14/14H, US22nd 10m, we are recruiting all classes for WoD!

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    -Glyph of Rapid Displacement (double blink) - amazing for getting into a position to drop desecrate weapons and then using the 2nd blink to get back to the group.

    -T1 - Fire (best to be partnered with someone with an AOE stun) can use only 2 things to interrupt the casts - Combustion (0.5 sec stun) and counterspell. When progressing it's probably best to go into the intermission with pyro procs active and just dump a bunch into the middle add then combust + cleave.
    I haven't played frost/arcane for the fight - but frost would probably need to save a FoF proc to throw a Deepfreeze. (No clue on arcane unfortunately).

    -Greater invis is almost a mandatory talent for this fight for P4 malice soaks during Malice 2 or 4 (malice + bombardment).

    -Mirror images, best to be used on the prepull and then saved until I2 (unless you guys are lolafking at the back), if you're actually running up to DPS the boss, have your mage pop mirror images and he can run up the platform aoeing without threat.

    -General: everybody in your raid needs to make a weakaura/tellmewhen icon for the debuff 'Malicious Blast' this is crucial for your success in P4.

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    Here are logs from our last raid

    We got to 24 energy on T1 only on our last try, if any1 could check what we could do better would be awesome !

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    if you click on 'damage by actor', you see who did how much dmg to the intermission adds, throughout the whole evening. your prot warrior is doing a good job, mostly everyone else isn't. one of our wipe evenings to compare with:

    obviously it depends how you split things up, I would guess what you do favors your warrior a bit? but overall it has to be more flat. if one guy pulls ahead that much, it looks to me like either people aren't maximizing their movement/dps time yet (dps waiting for a bubble to spawn on the middle pack instead of rushing to dps the last 2 groups for example) or your assignements are very good for the prot warrior and bad for most others.

    if you only look at your last attempt, it evens out a bit more although you still have 3 guys pulling far up front with the prot warrior, hunter and one of the warlocks. again, your monk tank barely beats out your disc priest (who's doing a good amount though, 25% more then ours roughly). but those logs don't say that much as a lot is about who is assigned to kill what.
    you'll need to talk with your group and ask them what can be done to improve their dps, including changing assignement. also, there is no waiting, no one can stand about and wait for someone with a stun/aoe silence to arrive. if that occurs more then once, you'll need to change something so that it doesn't happen. the only good thing is that everything but the protective zones is 100% the same every go, so it's just a matter of optimizing things. but it's the roughest dps check in the encounter now.

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    Your Brewmaster Tank should be the one putting a lot of focus on getting the adds into the Ironstar path. With an immense amount of movement capabilites, along with the slow on the adds, he could easily Roll, Tigers Lust or Transcendence out of the way leaving the adds behind to die. This'll mean your DPS can put less focus on them, and more on the boss.

    Of course, this shouldn't come at the cost of any Tank swapping you're doing, but I believe he could fit it in if he played right.
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