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    85 Blood DK

    LF ICC achievement run. Missing one achievement, Been waiting a long time for this...

    Also, if it's heroic, missing one piece for my Xmog, boots. That's a minor thing for me. Really care about the achieve.

    PM if you would be interested in bringing me.

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    Flamestrike, 399 tank from Medivh.

    Looking for anything ICC25 reg achieves, FL, or BWD/BoT/TotFW heroic, contact me via PM or in-game through mail or whisper. <3

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    85 Arms Warrior - in full BiS gear. Armory in signature.

    Looking for a group for any of the following:
    -ZG/ZA + the 4.3 dungeon achievements. In need of these.
    -Many Whelps Handle It (10man)
    -The Ulduar 25 non-meta achievements + ToGC achievements. In need of these.

    Please PM me on here or contact me in-game via mail/whisper if you're interested in setting up a group for these! Thanks.

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    Lf healer shaman/druid/priest & shadowpriest for Herald of the Titans run Alliance-EU.

    Most of us are already level 80 and gearing, pm me for more info.

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    US - Alliance

    I have an 80 Arcane Mage with an equipped IL of 221 ready for Herald of the Titans.

    I have Cata food, flasks, potions, and everything that matters is enchanted.

    I also use OpenRaid, but this is another method to find people, so I'm utilizing it.

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    Arcane mage 404 PVE ilvl

    Can't post a link to the armory, so look for Jagang, server Cho'gall

    Looking for 2 achievements:
    The Traitor king (25 players)
    I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am

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    - Thinking of starting weekly HC ICC runs for the Shadowmourne quest line
    - Farming TK, Hyjal, SWP and other classic raids every week
    - Interested in entry-level Cataclysm raids for achievements and vanity gear

    For info mail Gammatron on Ravencrest - EU (tank / damage)

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    US Alliance

    My main is currently looking for a competent H: Sinestra group that doesn't have 3 new/clueless people every time they form. After I obtain a kill my goal is the no-death achievement.
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    LFM Do A Barrel Roll! [A] (ALYSRAZOR) - Tichondrius

    Going around 7pm server/10pm EST

    pm me for real id!

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    Couldn't get enough people for tonight, but still interested in organizing a group for this. Reply if you're interested. Here's my WoW Forum post:

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    LF Glory of the Cataclysmic Raider, and the rest of the Cataclysm Raid Achievements
    Ulduar 10 Non-Metas
    Many Whelps Handle It (10 and 25 man)
    RS Heroic 10 and 25 man

    PM me on here or find me in-game

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    LF people to do Glory of the Cataclysm Hero.
    Character: Gtx-Resto Shaman-Horde
    Server: Lothar-US
    Please contact via PM so I can give you my and we can group up.

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    US Alliance - Zul'Jin

    Disc/Holy Priest

    I am available for any group doing full clear normal mode achievements in:

    Bastion of Twilight

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    Zohlomg Alliance warlock on Outland. Just PM me for realID - Looking for any raid.

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    Is there any group still going for "I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am"? I haven't had luck finding like-minded people to do this yet. If anyone runs this on weekly bases, send me a PM.

    Class: hunter
    First Sinestra kill: 4/15/11 (25 man). US 40th.
    Sinestra kills: 11
    Current gear level: 409 (8/8H DS)

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    Still LFG for DO A BARREL ROLL, hit me up

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    LFM for Herald of the titans, Eu-Realms, if you wanna join, contact me via PM or whisper Loucy or Exephia @ grim Batol EU, Alliance side.
    Right now we have 1 tank, 2 healers and 2 dpsers. we will do this next week or the week after that.

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    Planet Earth

    Looking for group: Herald of the Titans

    Toons: Iki (warrior tank) or Thepriest (Priest any spec)

    Realm: Ner'zhul

    Might need some help getting the last few pieces, both toons were raiding toons back in WoLT and still got tier 8 sets and ICC heroic weapons. PM please if anyone can use these toons.

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    US servers. Alliance.
    Fully geared gemmed and enchanted resto druid looking for herald of the titans group.
    PM me here or in game if interested

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    EU/Alliance/Resto-Druid, looking for (all hardmode) Ulduar25 (one light missing), ICC10/25, Halion10/25, FL
    I'm also interested in any non-meta achievement or anything else achievement-related. I've progress raid experience from T4 to T10.
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    80 (US) Ally Warrior looking for a Herald of the Titans group. Still working on gear but figured I should start looking now. Im gearing up as dps but picking up tank stuff and as much Jp as I can. If anyone has a better spot to look then this please message me.
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