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    A re rollers catch up, tips/guides

    So thinking of re-rolling, however only thing that pulls me back to my main again and again is all his rep's, archeology/fishing level etc. he'll even the argent tourney is scary to do again.
    So I'm basically after people tips to help catch up, such as reps you can effectively buy and turn in (ie sons of hodir), spam wrath dungeons for race rep with tabards. Any other catch up mechanisms really

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    It's more the reps that are no longer available that stop me from rerolling.

    WTB paid class change , just put a 24 month CD on it or something to stop it being abused.

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    Yeah, don't like the thought of loosing my argent dawn etc

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    You could always use the new main for raiding/pvp but the old main for reps?

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    I'm doing the same thing on my hunter currently re rolled from Shaman, for reps I'm doing them backwards, WoD > Mists > Cata > Wrath > TBC > Vanilla, use the rep weekends to get alot done, wearing tabards for capital citys while running dungeons for warlords rep earns you alot, the ones with tabards are easy, the ones with dailies theres no tips just get them done.

    I'm hoping by the time I get to the Wrath reps those rep tokens for timewalking will be out tbh.

    For Cata reps spam Grim Batol normal, for Wrath reps spam Pit of Saron, also farming the monkey ball toy while killing, try to combine as many things together as you can.

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    Sadly best method is pay Ca$h: Get the LV100 Boost from Legion.
    Capitalism, Ho!

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    Grindy reputations should be account wide and prestige-able.

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