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    Dragon Soul Mount Farm Nerf: Difficulty Macro No Longer Works

    After the Legion pre-patch it seems that the trick to doing DS 25 on normal and using the macro to do it on 25H was finally fixed - after numerous tries it never seems to work anymore.

    The macro was:
    /click StaticPopup1Button1
    /click DropDownList2Button2

    Anyone found a new way to make the macro work or was this long standing trick finally fixed?

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    what does this macro do?

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    Oh no they fixed an exploit, oh wait that is a good thing.
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    Why don't you just clear it on heroic?
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    Yeah, people want something for losing.

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    Do it on heroic lol. That was a (pretty bad) bug, not a feature o.O

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    If you were doing it on normal you were missing out on a huge chunk of gold for a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Atia View Post
    Do it on heroic lol. That was a (pretty bad) bug, not a feature o.O
    They were using this bug because you can extend a save for normal and skip everything else. I knew about it, but never used it myself, because it's pretty clearly an exploit.

    However, I do think they should allow you to switch difficulties on last boss for DS, as well as SoO. These are going to be the only exceptions now where you have to clear the whole raid every time in order to farm the mounts. BRF and HFC worked around it with the quests that allow you to skip ahead after a few clears on mythic.

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    I did this for about a month to extend my 7/8 normal lockout every week on my Shaman. That way I did Madness on Heroic on 8 other characters without running the whole raid every week. It was amazing. They should def remove the "having to run entire raid on heroic to do lass boss on heroic" for these old raids. It made sense when it was current but now it's pointless.

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    So people are now complaining when exploits are fixed? Really?
    You should've expected that, even if it took them 3 years to do so.

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    Wow it only took them 3 1/2 years to fix the exploit.

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