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    Jul 2011
    Anyone on EU looking for rare battle pets can add me, I play on CoA. A medium pop server with a low number of pet farmers. PM for Battletag.

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    complete, ty
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    Feb 2011
    Chicago, Illinois
    Looking to complete One Man Army, need:

    Currently on US-Magtheridon, Horde.


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    i would love to get my lorewalker acheivment!

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    Sep 2011
    Hi all I play on an extremely low pop server so anyone looking for rares is welcome to poke me for a battle tag inv pm for it ^^ Eu-horde!
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    Ret Pally looking to do Challenge modes. Available during most weekdays and some nights.
    My armory is in my sig.

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    its a nice iniciative to make achievs on cross realms, mainly for the servers who have low population.

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    Hello guys. Does anyone have Huo-Shuang spawned? I'm from horde EU (Twisting nether), and havn't seen him for 60days!!!!! So please, if he is spawned, add me Naggash#2811. Tnx.

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    Alliance Disc/Holy Priest LFG Gold Challenge Modes.

    Available 8am until 7pm USA-CST, Monday through Friday.

    Armory link:

    Will be bringing anything to benefit the run (invis pots, flasks, food, etc.) and don't mind wiping a few times till we get it right.

    Battletag: No1kn0wz#1886.

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    In my fapcave.
    I'm looking for General Temuja for the One Man Army achievement.
    I play alliance on EU servers. My battletag is PezFTW#2332
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    frost dk LF good group challenge mode for try to get rank 1 us
    must have a disc priest,hunter,monk tank

    contact info gabynator#1902

    my parse

    i got all gold challenge in 5.0

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    Boston, MA
    I'm currently looking for General Temuja or Essence of Horror on US-Alliance.

    Battletag: Jellog POUND 1552


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    LFM to get improved times in challenge modes. Aiming top 10 world

    Need a blood dk/prot paladin, resto sham with ele offspec and knowledge how to play it, a mage and a hunter.

    Send me a PM if interested. This is by no means a hand hold carry through 9/9 gold and I expect you to have 9/9 gold.

    EU alliance

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    Elemental LF:

    Cataclysm heroic dungeon meta achievement
    4.0 meta achievement
    FL meta achievement
    DS meta achievement

    And also Challange Mode complete gold run.

    EU / German, English, Russian - PM for battletag
    Another thing that gets me is the general chat when inside the Garrison. It totally reminds me of every prison film I've ever watched. The prisoners confined to their cells are talking to each other through the walls. Their chat is mostly pointless, vulgar and revolving around stuff they ll do once they get out. This is EXACTLY the content of every Garrison chat I've ever had to tolerate.

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    Looking for everything to do A Change of Command (EU, Alliance). We'll roll out this Saturday at 13:00 Server Time assuming we have enough folks.

    OpenRaid event.
    PvE:er to the bone. Plays a druid. Also plays DotA and a whole bunch of other stuff. Listens to mostly everything.
    "We actually contracted out the creation of the equally-epic-yet-non-loot-dropping-non-boss mobs in Throne of Thunder to a giant snail. I think he did a pretty good job."
    - Blue Q&A

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    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to organize a Wrath Share the Love Achievement Run on heroic gun'drak. I'm on US-Horde Illidan, it's the last achieve I need for mount so would greatly appreciate it!

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    Inside Your Monitor
    Armory Profile:

    Looking for a group to run challenge modes with on any nights other than Tues/Wed/Thurs when I'm raiding.

    I am currently 7/16H 25m - last expansion I was part of the server fist 25m 8/8H DS clear. Been raiding since Vanilla wow, am competent with my class.

    I can also possibly be available to heal as well.

    Add Me: Geekissexy#1544

    I am also willing to do graphics design work in return for members in the group that are interested, as can be seen below my singnature in a link.

    Thank you.

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    Is anybody interested in farming 2k x Domination Point Commission for the Rodent Crate,so we can get these battle pets to show up?
    Black Prince reputation is a bonus!
    On a side note if your about to pop one of these boxes or know somebody who has one and is about to use it, let me know please.
    Add THT#2226 ( EU - Horde)!

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    Just signed up for mmo champ. Looking for help with meta achievements from WOTLK including dungeons and naxx,icc etc. Willing to help others as well of course..just send a pm! Thanks all

    US Alliance
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    Silvermoon City
    Edit: completed
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