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    Looking for a group to do CMS with on my tank warrior - EU Horde. If you're interested PM me please.

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    searching for a group that is doing flex achievements soo, cant find one for the love of ....whatever =( hunter 580 ilvl need ij and 3rd wing

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    Looking for someone to do some raid and dungeon achievements that I haven't bothered to do! Ulduar 25 ones, ICC25 ones, Cataclysm raider, Cataclysm Hero, Firelands raider, Dragon Soul raider, Pandaria Hero among others. Add me in-game (Behersk123#2280). I'm on Talnivarr EU.

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    Brawlers - Rabble Rabble Rabble achievement. Nexsa#1189

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    Looking for a group to do CM Gold. I currently have 6/9 Gold challenges completed and I really want to finish the achievement before 6.0 hits.
    I lack a bit of experience but I am going to read up on tactics and look at video guides to be as prepared as possible.
    I am a destruction warlock on Stormscale-EU Horde, pm if interested.
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    Looking for groups to do some harder cross-realm achievements, including:

    - Ragnar-Os
    - Some Ulduar / ToGC achievements, incl. Ulduar 25 non-meta & ToGC 10 non-meta
    - PvP battleground stuff (got 121/271 achievements right now; so I'm most likely missing all the medium/hard stuff)

    I can heal or DPS at 585+, cleared Ulduar/ToGC hardmodes back in WotLK and my (resto-)PvP gear is 522/550. I'm not going for Battlemaster (yet *cough*) but it's really hard to get some more achievements there atm. Write me a PM if you plan to organize a run!
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    Looking for a group to do CM Gold. I am BM/WW monk. PM me here or add my battletag.
    But there is one problem. I can read english, can understand english, but can't talk.
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    Looking for a Herald of the Titans group, got a geared 80 pala tank. EU Horde

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    Hey all!!

    I am looking for someone who has a toon on the Alliance side on the Zul'Jin server to "team up" and complete a few achievements that are, nowadays, pretty hard to complete by relaying only on the game's RNG and matchmaking...

    I am looking to complete some achievements in the old world PVP zones: Wintergrasp and Tol Barad. Sadly, it is now hard to get even a few people from each faction during those battles, and so it is almost impossible to complete some of the zone's achievements (killing a certain amount of enemy players, destroying stuff, etc.).

    This is why, as a Horde player, I am looking for an Alliance player comrade who would like to exchange BattleTags and come into the zones with me to help me complete some of the achievements. This would be easy, quick and, of course, if you'd like to earn the achievements too, I would do the same for you after!

    Send me a private message if you have an Alliance character on the Zul'Jin US server and if you'd like to do this with me! Thanks a lot!

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    I'm looking for a group to do Ulduar Non-Meta achievements, both 10 and 25 man. On Horde side, US-Realm

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    ~Horde, EU.

    Looking for someone to help with a few Achievements that are much easier with another player, they are;

    (Click for WoW-Head link)

    A very easy way to get this achievement is to group up. Since it's group-contribute anyone in your party that steps on roaches counts towards your progress and vice-versa.

    If your opponent forfeits/flees, you now get credit for a win for this achievement.

    With our pets been in the same level range, level 1 or 25, we both sign up for a random battle at the same time and we make sure the battle notification shows up on our screens simultaneously. The game changes our appearance even if we get matched together, so don't forfeit from the start even if you end up in battling with a random.
    Only winning PvP battles count for credit, but losing a pet in a PvE battle between PvP battles will reset it, so keep that in mind if you're fighting pets while waiting for your PvP queue.

    This one needs you having a full team of level 25's.

    We can trade 1 for 1 with the achievements, you go first - then me, and so on. I don't mind if it takes a few nights to get these down, there's no rush.

    If anyone is interested please hit me with a PM, we can exchange ID's and make a time to log in.

    Thanks in advance.
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