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    Looking for an individual or a group that want to do any of the meta/mount achievements for WotLK dungeons, Ulduar 25, ICC10/25, Cata dungeon + raid and MoP dungeon + raid. Also interested in farming mount drops in old raids etc. Have experience from WotLK and MoP raids and have like 525-530ish gear.
    My battletag is Molle#2202 if anybody is interested.

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    US Horde Warlock with appropriate item level seeing Herald of Titans group.
    Enchants, Gems, Food, Flasks and Pots. Contact me in-game Breesy#1234

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    Running Herald of the titans on US-Alliance on 2/1/2015. We are need of 2 dps for a full group, contact me either through PM or Parksy#1788

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    Doing the Blackhand Achievement - "Ashes, Ashes..." this Wednesday. US Horde.

    Sign up on openraid if interested

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    I am putting together a group to do the Blackhand achievement for Glory of the Draenor Raider.

    The run will take place on SATURDAY, May 2nd at 9pm Stormreaver-US SERVER time (10pm EST). This should give everyone enough time to plan accordingly, invite your friends, and learn about the mechanics of the achievement.

    Please note that this is not a Blackhand progression group, or a run that is interested in any sort of items from the boss. Every player joining the raid should be only expecting to receive one thing: the achievement. We will be doing the run on NORMAL mode, as it is the easiest the achievement allows for. I am hoping to bring 30 people along for the run, as generally the more people you have for the achievement, the easier it is on everyone.

    Requirement: Be HORDE! 675+ ilevel, 10/10n minimum with MULTIPLE Blackhand kills. There will be no exceptions to these requirements.

    If any player in the raid continuously fails at regular or achievement mechanics/requirements, they will be removed from the raid with or without warning. If everything goes to plan, we should be able to complete the achievement in minimal attempts. With that said, please plan on at least a couple wipes while everyone sees what we are actually looking for.

    If you are interested in attending or have any questions PM me here, as sharing bnet is not allowed on the open forums. Or simply sign up at

    Very Respecfully,


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    Ready to go right now Protection Warrior looking for Herald of the Titans group. Am currently Horde, but if an Alliance group was ready to go would be willing to faction swap him for the kill.

    Battletag is Militaris#1106

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    Oceanic Horde looking for groups to do the Nemesis achievements with, or the Highmaul Coliseum achievement (Last of Us or Fight. Kill. Salute.) Have only just started on the Nemesis one and am on Night Elf, not sure if you can switch.

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    Old, disregard.
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    I'm trying to finish the Nemesis quests, having trouble with the Draenei ones. If there's someone who is willing to let me kill them a few hundred times...that would be great. <3
    I have a blood elf, and a night elf. I know those are quite common, but all I have at the moment.

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    I'm on EU, Darksorrow / Genjuros / Neptulon
    Need hordes and alliance to do the Nemesis quests, if interested PM me please! No clue if it can be done xrealms, if u know how and want a go just pm
    i have human draenai elf worgen, aiming to get a grp together to do all of em in 2 hours!

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    I'm looking for people to do BG achievements. Starting with WG. Stuff like Not in my House, Warsong Expedience, Save the Day, Ironman, Frenzied Defender.

    This is for US-Horde btw.

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    Will be running MSV for *show my your moves* later today. Add btag nyheart#1984 for invite. 8/13m with 3 717+ characters. Made an attempt at the achievement last night but could not get a full group of people who could consistently dodge. PLEASE have LOW ping - so be on a US server, not OCE. Also will most likely use mumble, so be ready for that.

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    Show me your moves

    Looking for more horde players interested in completing this achievement.
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    Looking to complete the Tier 14,16, and WoD 5man Meta achievements, I have most of the raid ones complete though, but I'm willing to do them again if it will result in me obtaining some I don't have.

    I have an army of toons I can come on, and for both factions.

    Referring to the list, it'd be best to bring these toons; my Paladin, Orc Hunter, Human Mage.

    I'm on US servers and I'm on the east coast.

    Don't be dissuaded by my lack of raiding in the last 3 years, I learn fast and I can perform.

    Edit - Btag - Quantums#1449
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    Looking for BRF achievement run (Hunter & Resto-Druid 715+) EU Alliance tree#2953
    It's better to burn out than to fade away.

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    LF group to do

    School's out Forever (Scholomance hc - MoP dungeon achiev meta)

    btag - Roxtar#1859

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