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    I managed to send a Scroll of Resurrection to myself. Free level 80 for me!
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    the best part was no longer enduring the pain of lvling my DK.

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    Please send a resurection to Chregal (Warsong US). I will be very thankful and will pay a two month subscription and you will get a mount.

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    If you would let a scroll, click my icon and send me a message with real id/e-mail.

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    If you need a Scroll of Ressurrection, pst me.

    I play ally on US-Aerie Peak (PVE server).

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    I can send one too, PM me if needed (Darksorrow)
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    If you need a scroll of resurrection, please PM me. I play on Laughing Skull (US).

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    i got a scroll to send, realy interested in the mount since i'm a mount collector. If you are from europe PM me your emailadress if you want a scroll of resurection (alliance aerie peak) Please help me get that awsome mount

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    I'd love to send one out and pick up a mount.

    Can get you a free 80 transferred to:

    US Horde Mal'Ganis
    US Alliance Korgath

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    I can send a scroll to someone. Email me at KLMinch at yahoo dot com if you want one.

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    Good-guy-mmo-champ offtopic: If anyone from EU is lovely enough to send me a res scroll contact me via email (not the wow one, i will send you that one privately): b.tan-at-gmx-dot-comBack on topic: They are getting a bit desperate as it seems. Reports for 2011 say that F2P LoL earned Riot games more then WoW did for Blizzard, considering upcoming Titan, SC2 expansions, is it perhaps time to think of WoW going F2P, at least partially? Giving away Cata with res scroll might just be the interlude to some more major changes, one that i am certainly looking forward to.

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    why is 1/2 of europe missing from the eligible list? countries list denmark , switzerland , poland , czech rep , slovakia , hungary, iceland etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kegler View Post
    I'd love to send one out and pick up a mount.

    Can get you a free 80 transferred to:

    US Horde Mal'Ganis
    US Alliance Korgath
    Hey Kegler can you send me a SoR? id like to transfer to malganis!
    you can it to my email aaron121992 at yahoo dot com
    US Servers

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    Quote Originally Posted by kabookiejoez View Post
    the best part was no longer enduring the pain of lvling my DK.
    The best part is having a level 80 Warlock in less than 2 hrs played! Hahaha.

    Hail Thor-show thy might. Let thunder roar and lightning strike!
    Hurl thy hammer into the fray. And let thine enemies know fear this day!

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    I'm giving out SOR (EU Server), just PM me.

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    I've got a SoR if you're on US servers. If you want to roll on an Oceanic server, I'll gift you 3k on either Cael or Gun'Drak to get you going too.

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    BNet Email: raoulis at live . c o m(optional)realm&faction you want to transfer to: feathermoon horde (U.S.)

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    Hi people i would really like to get a scroll of resurrection for EU server

    Server name: Magtheridon EU

    Character name : Zarche

    my game e-mail : chienmort at live . com

    you will definitely get your mount and help a bud

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