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    Quote Originally Posted by WarpKnight View Post
    Hmm, they're stopping at nothing here it would seem... worried, Blizzard?
    /Agreed... I've literally just seen this & thought it seems quite desperate, it'll be interesting to see the results of subscriptions next time they are released.

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    Remember months back some people were screaming " what's next, blizzard giving us lvl 80s". Now it's true...

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    worst idea ever...

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    One step further towards F2P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muttz View Post
    /Agreed... I've literally just seen this & thought it seems quite desperate, it'll be interesting to see the results of subscriptions next time they are released.
    It does seem like it's an act of desperation and it's near the end of the 1st QTR. Looks like they're trying to soften the blow again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dald View Post
    Spend large chunk of resources revamping 1-60 content. Get character boosted to level 80.
    Well, the longevity of a player's WoW career is dependent on leveling alts.

    But otherwise, yeah.... lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by dexter44
    There is no patch for human stupidity
    Orihank is displeased.

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    Smart move. The 'Need to play catch up'' is a major deterrent for returning players, I needed to RAF boost a friend of mine recently for that very reason. This is the next logical step. Loling at the people who think getting to 80 is anything worth moaning about. Do it with RAF, be done in 3 hours. Next.

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    woot guess my wow break is coming to a close. ill get one of mah still playin buds to send me scroll. dont get the hate..

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    Damn that is something :O

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    I really cant believe they are giving a lvl 80 away for desperate and it is about as far away from an MMORP you can get imo. You skip lore/quests/skills/training and even worse learning your class. Come on Blizz have some integrity ffs. And no I am not jealous, I enjoy learning my class and skills one by one actually.

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    This is way too generous to people who were inactive imo. It would be nice if they did something for people who have been playing WoW actively for a period of time.

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    lol what this is awesome

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    It's sad to see this game slowly die.

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    Uhm, theres also a free realm and faction transfer in this package! Is this real? Mera

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    And once again, people think something like this actually affects them. It doesn't. Though.... The sky is falling. You are hearing voices. The door did just move on its' own.

    On the upside, free level 80 rogue, the only class i ain't yet got past 30. All i gotta do is transfer it to my active account. Worth it.

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    This is going to make the dungeon finder from level 80-85 HORRIBLE as these people will have literally no gear, and probably be too lazy to buy any either. They're going to be doing virtually no damage and needing on everything. LEECHES!

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    Does this include a free character account transfer if so *sends self scroll *

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    man some ppl are way to stupid. Its not like you can give this to a new player. there must be an inactive account and cmon chances are that the player already know how to play. but hey its mmo-champion, what can you expect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    Oh my god leveling is the hardest part of this game, this game is so easy now there is no difficulty in raiding or pvp. Without the mindless grindfest there is no reason to play this game anymore I quit!
    PvP is the best thing about this game. Sure, it's easier to get the gear, but out playing someone with the same gear is much more gratifying than rolling them.
    PvP isn't easy unless you're at like 1550 rating, or if you're just referring to baddies in BG's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vvengeance View Post
    Does this include a free character account transfer if so *sends self scroll *
    Yes, free char transfer and faction transfer is included 0.0

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