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    [Movie][Ru] Guardians (No, not that one)

    Maybe shouldn't try to do cheezy western style movies...Russian comments on youtube aren't thrilled, lots of down-votes, also probably from other people who thought they would see a trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.


    Watch the trailer for a Russian superhero movie featuring a machine gun-wielding bear

    By Chris Plante on April 15, 2016 02:41 pm Email @plante

    The combined gross of Marvel's superhero movies is in the billions of dollars. The Russian film industry wants to replicate that success, but money isn't the only goal of such a film. A Russian superhero film has the power to speak to its nation's values and history, the way Marvel superheroes have done for the USA. Which is to say Russian viewers might prefer to see themselves as the heroes rather than the villains.

    Guardians, or Zaschitniki, is the closest a Russian film has come to capturing the scope and production quality of the Marvel Universe. In Guardians, a band of men and women from different corners of the Soviet Union volunteer for (or are forced into) a DNA-augmenting program that gives them special powers. They're secretive existence, so far as I can tell from the footage, is upended when they're tasked with fighting a supernatural force in modern day. The story as told in the trailer, above, plays like a response to X-Men: First Class, which used the Cuban Missile Crisis as a climactic set piece

    A few things to run the highlighter across:

    The film's director is Sarik Andreasyan, who most recently adapted the card game Mafia into a dystopian sci-fi action spectacle.

    A character transforms into a machine gun-wielding bear, maybe the single greatest work of Soviet Union symbolism.

    I'm sorry, did you miss the part about the machine gun-wielding bear?

    Lots of red alert vibes
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    ...Well, it's got crazy on its side.

    Also the trailer just made me wonder where Night Watch 3/Dusk Watch/Twilight Watch is. I liked Night Watch and Day Watch.

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    New trailer, looks pretty ok.

    Guardians Official Trailer (2017) - Superhero Movie [ENG SUB]

    Official Russian Trailers
    Aug 23, 2016

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    actually looks pretty fun
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    Looks batshit crazy.

    I'm totally into it.
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    A manbear with a gatling, whats not to like
    8 year olds Dude.

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    When i think about a gatling wielding bear i don't imagine a 6+ rating. Potential wasted .
    Looks fun nontheless!

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    It does realy look like it was red alert inspired.

    Those terror drones look pretty much the same, just with weapons on top of it. The blade guy looks like that guy from metal gear solid.

    So metal gear solid meets red alert?

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