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    Ideas for Beyond the Summit 4!

    Hi Guys!

    My name is Hammerbeard, and I work as the eSports Coordinator here at Gigabyte. We were super honored to be able to sponsor the Beyond the Summit 3 tournament this year!

    With that out of the way I want to know what you guys want to see at next year's beyond the summit event. What do you want to see that was not at this year's event? Do you guys want to see more teams or more interviews? Do you want to see if we can get icefrog? Do we need more mangoes for next year? Or if you just want to yell at me and say how much you hated it this year that works too!

    Thanks so much! <3

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    Less advertising for betting (as in 20min shows with the main hosts explaining what to do), hire c9 for fulltime casting (or get more english speaking teams that can actually cast matches once they are out )

    Felt like there was a lot more advertising and a lot less player involvement than on the previous Summits, would be nice to go back to the previous versions (might just be due to short matches and few english speaking teams?)

    Get Hot_Bid on the main couch, easily most entertaining person in the scene!

    Was still a great event! >Well played!

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