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    How many holidays do you celebrate (willingly)?

    BY willingly I mean if you family didn't care, you wouldn't celebrate them.

    I honestly would only celebrate mother/father's day, birthdays, and anniversaries. I would not touch on any of the other ones. I don't mind 4th of July and Thanksgiving because those are American based holidays, but the rest date back to ancient times and aren't celebrated like the once were (which is a good thing!)

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    Let's see... Easter... 4th of July... my Birthday... Thanksgiving... Christmas... and New Year's. That's it.

    Mother/Father's day to keep the family happy, and partially because I feel like I must make up for all those years of teenagery I tormented them with.

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    Birthdays and anniversaries, the rest are holidays that I celebrate but I don't celebrate the actual holiday just the spending time with family part.
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    Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, 4th of July.

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    My birthday, and Halloween.

    So, two. Sometimes Christmas if I'm lucky to get invited!

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    Celebrating: Christmas, Birthday (mine and my families, lucky me we're just 7 counting aunts cousins etc),
    For mother's/father's day i give them a call

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    Birthdays and new years. I hate christmas nowdays. The only good thing about it is the ham.

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    0 none, not a single one. I go out on New Years because I get dragged out, but left alone I'd just be drunk in the house anyway.

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    Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Birthday, Mother's day

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    My family member's birthdays, Christmas and to some extent mother/father's day.

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    Feasting of Winter Solstice (Xmas), birthdays and buying, giving and eating excessive amounts of chocolate on Easter.

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    All of the ones that give me a public holiday. I celebrate them by not going to work that day!

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    Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day and family-related anniversaries.

    I try to be present as much as possible when it comes to events that related to my loved ones.

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    All of them, a good reason for company, family time and a few drinks.

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    Christmas, new years, thanksgiving, and 4th of july

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    Christmas, new years, thanksgiving, and 4th of july
    Oh yeah and memorial day.

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    Thanksgiving & Christmas, specifically. My partner and I host little parties at each one where I slave over a hot stove all day
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    christmas, birthday, 12th july. all the rest i am very glad of the time off work but dont really care about the holiday.

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    Really wish we would de-commercialize all these holidays.

    The individuals who created them would probably be disgusted with us.

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    Define "celebrating"...

    I don't celebrate anything. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc, none of that. Just normal days to me, really. Silly things to make people spend more money on all sorts of junk.

    If I'm to do anything on a "holiday" then it's just chill. No stupid Christmas trees, massive parties or whatever. Just chill with a drink and good company, talking about every day stuff, just like any other day.

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