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  • Jedi Knight

    9 13.43%
  • Jedi Consular

    3 4.48%
  • Trooper

    5 7.46%
  • Smuggler

    4 5.97%
  • Sith Warrior

    9 13.43%
  • Sith Inquisitor

    9 13.43%
  • Imperial Agent

    20 29.85%
  • Bounty Hunter

    8 11.94%
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    Best Class Story Line

    Vote for your favorite and post why!

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    Smuggler. Don't say you didn't laugh within the first 10 minutes when the guy [content removed] and the girls [content removed] while Corso [content removed]!

    Silly Corso, never gets the girl XD

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    BH is still my favorite. The others I have played, IA, SI, JK, all seemed to grab me at one point or another but none had as epic an ending as a BH who is played like a villain.

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    Jk was slow in the beginning but the second half of it was great up to and including the ending. The Trooper and Consular stories both started strong but the end on both were a bit of a let down for me Not far enough into the smuggler and sith warrior to rate the over all story yet though. They are both interesting so far.

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    So far all I've done is SI (Completed), IA (Completed), and SW (Act II)

    So far SI and IA are both really awesome, in 2 completely different ways. I enjoyed IA more though, I think. Especially b/c I was light sided, and liked the twist option I had at the end.

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    the jedi knight one is ok I guess...

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    I'm Digging the Smug one right now just hit 20 and i did the JK one that was awesome

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    I think the SI one is the best its a true rags to riches feel to it, and it really feels like you are becoming more powerful throughout he story with the sith warrior its like yeah you were the best pupil from the academy and you are really good, go figure right?

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    I have played the sith assassin and the storyline was badass. And i think that the jedi/sith stories are more interesting then the others.

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    Sith Warrior was amazing. Darth Baras seems like one of the best voice acted personalities they put in the game and your character is just 100% badassing it the whole time.

    I tend to shit on TOR for its horrible end game, but this was definitely a highlight for me.
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    Sith Inquisitor has been the best out of 5 classes I've leveled to 50.

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    IA by far, I've leveled a SI, BH & smuggler to 50, a trooper to 34, SW to 16, JK to 21, consular to 13 and an IA to 44 and the IA is the best, hands down.
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    Sith Inquisitor was great. Bounty hunter was really good too, on par or a little better than the SI. Smuggler was ok, it wasn't great and the end boss was meh, but the smart ass dialogue all the way through made it worth doing.

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    I've completed SI story and JC story, and soon to have BH story done,

    I have to say BH story is the best story line imo.

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    I really haven't found one story that stands out above the rest for me. I hate to say I've enjoyed all of the ones I am playing through but I am. Chances are by the time I get my multiple characters up to 50 I'll have a better idea of which story stands out above the rest for me.

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    My rankings for story:

    1. IA
    2. JK
    3. SW
    4. Smug
    5. RT
    6. BH
    7. SI
    8. JC

    I really enjoy all of them though, they are all really good. The top two kinda blow the others away though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iceberg265 View Post
    My rankings for story:

    1. IA
    2. JK
    3. SW
    4. Smug
    5. RT
    6. BH
    7. SI
    8. JC

    I really enjoy all of them though, they are all really good. The top two kinda blow the others away though.
    Really? Jedi Knight? I couldn't finish it, and I really tried. I stuck it out with SI instead.
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    I've only played an IA and a JK so I only have those two to go on.

    However I agree that the IA has the best overall story. I just found the finale a little disappointing compared to the JK.

    The JK story starts out ok, but is really pretty weak overall. However it does end in a worthy finale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    Really? Jedi Knight? I couldn't finish it, and I really tried. I stuck it out with SI instead.
    The last two chapters of JK are awesome. It's my favorite atm. Not far enough into sith warrior or smuggler to judge, and the ends of both the Trooper and Consular storys let me down

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    Imperial Agent. Not even close for me. It was actually the only storyline in which I kept on playing to see what would happen next. None of the others grabbed me in that way.

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