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    Stories to be told..

    When you meet up with friends (be it in RL or just chatting via IM) you often talk about things you have done in game: quests, raids or PVP. For example you can say that you've just finished "Northern" quest line and that it had good story and involving objectives. Your friend may nod and agree it was fun.. that's it. Quest was identical for both of you so there is nothing to talk about. Of course, there is this one exception that things might have went wrong and for example you can tell the story of how your partner died and you barely finished the last quest alone by killing some big boss while you had only 5% hp left. Basically in your standard MMO, your accomplishments (quests) don't hold any bragging or story telling value until things go very wrong. Because content is fully static, your friend knows EXACTLY what happened otherwise.

    Things are quite different in case of GW2. When your friend tells how he cleared "Eagle's Fort" area from centaurs patrols/scout parties, you can counter that with your own version. Instead of few scouts, you've encountered full fledged assault on the fort, you and your friends tried to hold it. The longer you've hold, the more centaurs would come. You've started to target their lieutenants and supply lines to even out the chances, but that only provoked centaur's commander who personally joined the fight. You were struggling so you've called reinforcements, more of your guildm8s arrived. This enraged commander even more unlocking more of his abilities resulting in one epic boss fight in the middle of half ruined fort which you are trying to defend. The best part is your friend still have no idea if you succeeded or failed to defend it! But by now the out come doesn't matter any more, you've already have one jealous friend listening to you with wide opened eyes and wishing "he was there" to see it.

    That's the beauty of dynamic event system, you have actual stories to tell, real adventures. I don't think people realize how much depth it adds. Of course not every DE you encounter will develop so gloriously and that's good, that makes the "I wish I was there" moment even more important. Some may see it as a "bad" thing cause it will naturally lead to some people "missing out on stuff". Overall though I think it's fair price for creating unique character development experience.

    Your thoughts?

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    I agree with what you wrote, but on a sad note... I will really miss the danger of a hordie ganking me. I will really do.
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    i think i understand what you mean, then again, you should try to keep your 2 feet on the ground.
    As you said everyone's 'questing' experience will be different .. however ... it's still questing ... and as you said

    questing has no bragging rights ^^
    You CAN however talk about what DE's you did and wich one the other guy found .. And that sounds super fun to me
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    But do they have data showing how much fun players are having? Because surely that's what counts. You could have a game where only 1% of players can do the top raid but still everybody's having fun, and you could have a game where 100% of the players see everything but they're all bored and whining and quitting. Fun can't be quantified with straight-up data, and trying to use statistics to measure fun is a dangerous logical minefield.
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    This well depicts one of the reasons I'm excited about RP in the game My experiences on my lone-wolf ranger would be very different from those on my inquisitive sylvari.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Well View Post
    I agree with what you wrote, but on a sad note... I will really miss the danger of a hordie ganking me. I will really do.
    Yeah, because being one shot by a level 85 in a level 40-50 zone was fun..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Well View Post
    I agree with what you wrote, but on a sad note... I will really miss the danger of a hordie ganking me. I will really do.
    Then go to world vs world pvp and get ganked by an army.

    OP this is a good thread , im totally onboard with dynamic events but i never saw them this way, so now ive got even more ammo to use on people who hate this game.
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