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    D3 trial when it's out?

    Will there be a D3 7-day type trial when it is released? I like to play the games a bit first before I spent money on them, I have to be sure I like it and that it's worth it.

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    I doubt it.. Diablo isn't an mmo.
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    there will probably be a trial that will be like the content you have in the Beta atm

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    Will probably be a demo or starter edition like Starcraft 2 have however dont expect it to come until half a year or so after release.

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    As if they'd lose hype sales to trials
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    Then the [MMORPG] genre started attracting more players. These players wanted more of a "game" and less of a "world" [...]

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    They did say there would be a demo in the future; sometime after the official release we'll probably see a demo that covers as much as the beta (or possibly less). This would not be a "7 day" thing, as it's not an mmo, there is no subscription feature, but likely to be level and content capped to a small section of the starting part of the game, probably with no trading options and possibly limited communication/group features, just to give people a bit of a taster

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyKenny View Post
    there will probably be a trial that will be like the content you have in the Beta atm
    I agree, the beta feels more like a demo then an actual beta.

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