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    Finishing off all the quest achieves(only really done Cata ones.) Finish most of the dungeon/raid ones(not much left, few in ulduar, heroic BWD + Sinestra) finishing off my Insane(only really lack goblins which is why I'm questing first ) try and finish off all the rep achieves, and also find a new guild as my current one disbanded about a month back...

    Basically just get as much achievements done as possible so I don't have to go back later :P

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    - get all my BiS gear (currently 5 items missing)

    - obtain the mount from deathwing heroic. 6 people already have it, I wasn't so lucky this far

    - complete the glory of the firelands raider meta achievement and the dragon soul drake

    - get the legendary daggers on my rogue, 6 weeks to go in 10 man or 3 in 25m

    - hopefully see ashes of alar drop (farming it every reset)

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    I'll be working on the battlemaster achievement.
    9 more achievements to go!

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    I want to get my rogue daggers done, our guild is a lot slower meaning we don't raid nearly as much as others, but I just got my p2 daggers so hopefully I can finish them up!

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    working on darkmoon dominator, firelands/ds meta and of course invincible/mimiron head FOS'es. Dunno what else can I do since pvp is to hard (hard to find partners I mean)

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    I quit achi business for D3 (got to 12k/Insane).

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    Since WotLK I don't raid anymore, so I force on PvP achievements. I actually already did the rest of the stuff. When MoP hits the realms, I will get the "old" raid achievements of Cata. Way too casual, right?

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    Get my legendary daggers

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    1st - Get mi scepter of Azj´Aqir ( Solved so far like 85 times )
    2nd - Kill Madness HC ( That will happen soon )

    otherwise no special stuff I will gonna do... just want this bloody mount

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    Just getting different mounts. I'm at around 140 or so. With the exception of a few mounts like 10m ICC etc, the rest are pure luck drops. Drops I've been trying for months. Other than that I've got pretty much everything else I want. IE rep, pets etc.

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    Level Jewelcrafting to 525, possibly level an alt with Inscription and transfer another alt which already has 525 Enchanting to my current realm.

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    Get the only ground mount I want. Damn you (formerly Baron) Rivendare!

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    Finish my Insane Title, maybe Loremaster too if i have enough time.

    Currently working on Madness HC (killed Spine last sunday) so i can get my savior title and a mount.

    And try to motivate guildies to finally do Rag HC in order to get a nice firehawk*

    Will probably do all Cata's meta latter

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    Nothing really. Maybe 14k achi points and Fiery Warhorse mount.
    Since mounts are gonna be account wide im gonna try to farm it on all toons now.

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    Finish up Loremaster, at least for the new Cataclysm quests.

    Maybe after that level up some professions and make some gold.

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    Going with all classes to 85 first. Other than that i guess i Will gear my hunter which will be my new main

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    I'd like to finish up a couple things before venturing into the land of Pandaria.

    -Power my Rogue from 58 through at least 80-85
    -Power my Feral Druid from 24-85 (Maybe fetch some gear for different specs so I can start healing, casting)
    -Complete the 'Hordification' of my Troll Hunter (Recently factionchanged from worgen, because I miss my trolly look). I.E. Get him some nice horde looking gear (REPRESENTIN' MAH FACTION) and finally finish my 4set tier 13.

    Other things I'd like to do but most likely won't end up finishing before MoP.
    -Leveling a Warlock and a Mage to a decent level.
    -Replace my effin' weapons on my DK. (Still using the brewfest kegs as weapons because the HoT swords wont drop, EVER).
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    Firelord and the mount! That and all 10 classes at at least lvl 80 (have 4 85's so far).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmekiel View Post
    That and all 10 classes at at least lvl 80 (have 4 85's so far).
    I've got these:
    -Death Knight

    That's why I want to level a warlock and a mage, but I don't know if I have the patience to level a caster.
    Leveling a Monk is definatly one of my first goals come Pandaria though, can't wait!
    [An00b'arak]: im sure i dont just an arachnid

    [An00b'arak]: guess what im not ashamed of what i am

    [An00b'arak]: >8< spider pride

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    Finish my shadowmourne that I was left to last during wrath xD

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