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    Monks can use 2h swords you know?

    Adorable I love that outfit , all that pink and gold ... you look like a cute little toddler / pixie at first, and then you get closer and see the big-ass sword ... rather not pet that toddler on the head ...

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    I wanted something that:
    A) shows off her new model without looking like a slutfest
    B) looks easy to move in

    So I came up with this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clausi View Post
    Always be a little more special than your guards
    what weapon is this?? (page 147)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvoX View Post
    what weapon is this?? (page 147)
    One of the staves we can buy from the Monk vendors in Kun Lai Summit. Just use Zen Pilgrimage, his name is Master Hwang.

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    Settled for this. It's not perfect but it's nice enough.

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    Went for something a bit "primal" and "Wildling"

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    Could you please link which sets those are?

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    WOW really nice! can you also link what items ur using?

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    imgur.com /gallery/JyxuX/new <- Can't post links, just remove the space.

    Here's what I currently use on my Brewmaster. Wanted more of a Blademaster feel to it - looking for better shoulders or a better chest piece, don't know if I like the robe better than no robe. Item list below:

    Helm: Replica Shado-Pan Helm (Shado-Pan - Exalted)
    Shoulders: Titan-Forged Spaulders of Triumph (Wintergrasp - Honor Points)
    Chest: Chestguard of Seven Sacred Seals (Tier 16 - Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar [Sha of Pride])
    Gloves: Contender's Leather Gloves (Leatherworking - Mists of Pandaria Pattern found in Shrine of Seven Stars)
    Belt: Red Belt of Gentle Persuasion (Peak of Serenity - Kun Lai Summit)
    Weapon: Hellreaver (Hellfire Ramparts - Normal)

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