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    Tried my hand with the Horde coloration. Sadly can't work with the TOV stuff but was able to use the rogue heroic BRF gear.

    I love that set! Unfortunately, fempanda heads are really big in comparison to their shoulders, and it looks awful on my Jingjing.

    I'm pretty happy with my new combo, though:

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    After a 3 month hiatus i'm back to the game, never had the chance to post my new tmog with the Xavius Shoulders. Posted this on /r/Transmogrification

    Here's the Itemlist.

    A pic with a friend, freaking badass.

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    Monk Bonescythe Armor

    Monk in Bonescythe Armor

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    Here ya guys go - Bargain Bin Super Shredder!

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    For the love of all that is holy, please hide your tabard when using that glorious set!

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    When I get my monk to 110 this is what I wanna wear.
    That might actually be the best transmog I've ever seen.

    And there's metal on the boots, must hurt to be kicked by.
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    Work in progress.

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    I know Shado'Pan themed mogs are cliché but I love them, and I think this is the best set possible for one
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