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    how do i tell what trinket is better?

    Malicious Censer (+358 CRIT //////////////// 985 agility for 20 seconds on ATTACK CHANCE > 1 proc per minute)
    Class Trinket (17% kick chance)
    Kihra's Adrenaline Injector (+223 AGILITY ///////// 2230 mastery for 20 seconds on USE 2min cooldown)

    how can you determine which one is better.. my ilvl is currently 713. I don't care legion is coming out in a few days, i want to know which one is better now, and WHY. How do i know how much agility is better than mastery, etc.

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    You should just wait three days and they're all worthless.

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    did you not read what i just said? i want to better understand how stat weight works and why.

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    better: run simulations with each trinket yourself (https://simulationcraft.org/)
    good: find sims on the interwebz (for example icy veins guide, gearing up section usually has sims for each trinket)

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    Best way would be to use simcraft with all combinations of those trinkets equipped to determine what would lead to the highest increase in damage. Simple answer is probably class trinket and injector, RPPM trinkets are weaker than they were before the patch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boolawa View Post
    did you not read what i just said? i want to better understand how stat weight works and why.
    The problem with this is that the knowledge you gain from these trinkets is minimal.

    There's nothing like the class trinket in Legion so far, RPPM is pretty close to unusable, and on-use trinkets are supposed to be used in times of great need now, I guess (class fantasy) instead of on cooldown.

    Balancing is still going on, so exact stat weights are not 100% known.

    A general guideline that is fairly reliable is: if it has agi and your best stat on it, it's probably not worth upgrading 5 ilvls to get agi and your worst stat.

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    1) Kihra's Adrenaline Injector (especially with serenity and legendary ring)
    2) Class Trinket if you have 4set (even without it its decent for single target, but for dungeons i would use censer).

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