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    Trying to improve Monk DPS

    Hey guys, I have a couple of questions for monk dpsing.

    Armory: eu . battle . net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Loreleí/advanced

    Firstly, I am not sure when the best time to use Tigers Eye Brew is... Should I be using what ever charges I have when I FOF? should I only ever use 10 at a time even if this means casting a FOF without it? Is it better to save them and use during my soul capacitor? again with as many as I have or only if i have more then 10?

    Second, Fights that are mostly single target but have short phases of aoe (Mythic Manno) should i be using Chi exp or just some of the aoe spells (Chi burst, Chi Tornado) and other then that sticking to single target on boss? (or big add) - Again, should I just be aiming to use Tigers Eye Brew on the adds for max burst?

    Third, Everywhere i read says that for aoe its haste and for single target its multistrike, and that 2h or 2x1h are about the same. People keep saying "use what feels better for you" but I don't understand what the main play style differences are... if I'm going aoe, surly the buff to haste it gives is better then any "feel" you get from dual wield? and for single target are the BIS the maces that give multi/crit or the axe that gives multi/haste (for 5ilvl lower)?

    Edit: 4th, Could someone please confirm the cap for multistrike? is that cap to take into account the food buff or no? I believed it to be 59% - and then food + buffs on top. Being panda should I am for a bit less?

    I feel like every time i post on here its to ask advices but I am not good at monking and becoming a liability to the raid with my poor dps.

    Thanks guys
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    First Question: Here's how to use TEB.

    Second: It depends on your raid group. If you're just going for as much damage as you can do, then ChiEx, Chi Burst, and Chi Torpedo will get you there. However, if your guild has no problem with the other adds, then you can totally go Serenity and just focus the boss. If you're going to go the AOE route then you want to have a 10 stack of TEB ready for the adds to spawn for maximum burst.

    Third: There isn't any change in the playstyle between 2H and 1H use what has the highest ilvl. Haste is best for CX and Multistrike for Single target. The Zakuun fist weapons and Xhul Axes (maces?) are the best 1H weapons. The best single target weapon is the Polearm from Mannoroth, and the best AOE weapon are Zakuun's fist weapons.

    Fourth: If you're going to eat multistrike food, then take it into account. 59% is where Vers pulls even with Multistrike, so it is a soft cap. The hard(er) cap is 65%, where above that you'll lose effectiveness of Tiger Strikes.

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    Thats awesome! Thank you, I'll have a good read of the link when I'm able.
    Thanks again. x

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