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  • Brewmaster

    2 3.85%
  • Windwalker

    24 46.15%
  • Mistweaver

    23 44.23%
  • Other

    3 5.77%
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    Question Which Spec Deserves a Revamp? - Monk Edition


    I'm making one of these for every class, and am going to pit the winners in an ultimate thread afterwards, to see what spec is the most popular pick for an update or change.

    So which of the Monk specs do you think needs or deserves a revamp? It could be because it lacks flavor and fun, the rotation is messed up or boring, or simply that the spec just doesn't fit the image of what you want it to be.

    Keep in mind that 'weak' or underperforming specs isn't what I'm looking for, that's a balance and tuning issue. This is about the feel of the spec.

    What do you think?

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    MW feels very clunky with 1,5s gcd

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    Nah I like all the specs.

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    I feel like the only thing I would change right now about anything is the MW Mastery. I like how BrM and WW is, but the MW mastery has always been balls.

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    WW Mastery could sure use a revamp.

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    Revamp? Mistweaver.

    In gameplay, WW and Brewmaster are at the very top for WoW. Mistweaver, on the other hand, is meh. I really would want Fistweaving to be competitive and optimizing it to be a viable thing to do. For example, with 3 phases with only 2 of them being heavy damage, you could Fistweave for that one phase where the incoming damage is lower. However, as is, Holy Priest for example completely poops on Fistweaver DPS. It just makes no sense.

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    WW mastery and for the love of god don't mix defensive into our highest offensive ability which we have to build up with rng: TEB

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    If any of them actually needs it, it has to be mistweaver.

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    Easily Mistweaver monks. Sure, i would love a better mastery for Windwalkers aswell as the Mistweaver ones. But Mistweaver definetly needs changes before Windwalkers do.

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    Voting Mistweaver out of ignorance for the spec!

    I generally like Brewmaster and Windwalker from what I've seen and I enjoyed MoP Mistweaver. However, a good friend of mine that plays a Mistweaver finds the spec to be a bit more clunky now. And, of course, everyone knows that Mistweaver mastery is just useless.
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    MW is the closest to needing a "revamp". WW just needs to be better balanced and maybe a different mastery.
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    Technically one could say all specs need new mastery. BrM mastery is good but it's been proven to be hard to balance because of its exponential scaling.

    We monks are the class of wonky masteries

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    I picked MW easily. The spec has every single problem it had before VoD (ok to be fair ReM management looks better). But judging by the mess that beta was, I guess they should be happy to be able to bring the hps at least...

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    Mistweaver, definitely. With the addition of the 1.5s GCD, Fistweaving's 1-chi-at-a-time ramp up is absolutely awful and there's not a lot you can do about it even if you wanted to push haste now that we're in the post 10+ sockets/reforging era. The spec feels like they wanted RM to cover most of a raid and for us to be Uplift bots but also to have great single-target but somehow we ended up being really awkward compared to Druids. Giving Crane Rising Sun Kick and a reset on it while it's only an 8s CD and they have two other buffs to keep up that cost 3chi together so it takes 3 GCDs to build then 2GCDs to spend, yeah there's just not enough time for it to not feel hectic and strangely "I Love Lucy - Assembly Line"-ish.

    I must be the only person who frequents mmo-c that actually likes WW mastery and doesn't mind taking pieces with it.
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