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    100 Talents Mistweaver

    Currently, We all know pool of mists is clearly superior in Serpent stance, and crane stance for dps.

    My question to all you fellow monks is. If Breath of the serpent was buffed or chi explosion, would you switch?

    Those 3 charges of renewing mist that work so instrumentally with our multistrike is so above the rest could you ever see yourself healing with the statue breath or exploding chi bubbles on people for spread burst aoe healing. It's a toss up but losing Pool of mists even if they were all equal in healing would still feel like we were missing something.

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    Perhaps, once we get so much (if ever) multistrike that we will constantly receive procs on our ReM it will be worth exploring the others.
    But right now they feel really lackluster outside of Proving Grounds and heroic dungeons.
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    Chi explosion is actually very strong for healing in crane stance atm, you won't get as much damage as you would with serenity but you get a huge boost to healing, I've posted this before in this sub-forum but I was able to do ~10k dps and ~38k hps on mythic twins while fistweaving the whole fight with chiEx

    outside of fights where the whole raid can be stacked for large amounts of time and there is constant damage so the mastery balls don't get wasted with chiEx, Serinity is a vastly superior talent. That being said, i would love for breath of serpent to be good enough to use a a second healing CD like a mini tranq (it would probably be too strong for a lot of fights though)

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    i honestly love the way pool works, i love not having to worry about the CD on my hot, breath is cool and i might consider trying it if it were better but only for certain fights where you mass grouping, i think pool will always be better for playstyle

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    It depends, even if other things were buffed I enjoy the play style of Pool and it makes it a lot more convenient as well increasing our healing for a 20 man environment which is super important as Renewing Mist is a wet tissue otherwise (still kinda is). I can't see a buff to ChiEX or Breath even making too much of a difference, due to the odd requirements of being able to use them to the best of their ability. They're great, but not outside of Proving Grounds/Heroic Dungeons. Maybe we will see something a little different in BRF that could make better use (as well as having more MS/Stats).

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    so far the only times I've felt like I got better results from breath over pool is in 10-15 man heroic HM (times out perfectly with quake on twin ogron and can alternate with touch of death from each add on imperator in a small group)

    and I've also thought chi explosion was nice in 2s and daily CM's,

    but for most of what the end-game is focused upon (20 mans, 3s, and rbgs with the exception of CMs) pool seems to destroy other choices, I'd like to see situations where breath becomes strong enough to compete at the very least in situations where it times out well like mythic twins, but uplift is so important that more possible targets (that aren't topped off) for uplift and cheap chi while moving seem unbeatable

    I also think chi explosion should be made into a notably powerful single target heal for mistweavers to really give it a definite place and role
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    I could very much see myself switching to Breath if it got buffed to actually feel like a significant cooldown. I enjoyed using it at the start healing 5-mans to help out during tight spots before I had the gear to handle it normally, and I could see use for it on fights like Brackenspore and possibly Ko'ragh if they either made it feel like an actual cooldown or just reduced the 1.5 min cd.

    Chi Explosion I'm not so sure about. Personally I feel it's too clunky for a normal mistweaving situation, and would only consider switching if it really was the optimal choice. I'm all for buffs to Breath, but I'd like to see a rework or a scrapping of Chi Explosion for MW.
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