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    best web strategy game? (Like Ikariam)

    Well, my whole question is in the topic
    What's the best, most popular, etc. etc. browser game?
    The one with alliances, building armies, fighting over resources or whatever.

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    They aren't the most popular but I'd imagine Settlers, Age of Empires, Anno 'Online' versions are probably more indepth/better as strategy games go, although still not as much as their non-browser counterparts.
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    Why wouldn't you just buy a proper strategy game instead of playing a browser one full of shitty microtransactions, mediocre graphics and shallow gameplay?
    I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does.

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    Travian is very good one but requires a huge time commitment. Haven't played that one for years so no idea how it has changed thou.


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    I used to play Tribalwars about 10 years ago. That used to be the largest one back then atleast. Not sure about now.

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    I used to play Ogame like 10+ years ago.

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