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    Which franchise would you resurrect?

    What ho,

    There are tons of old games out there which deserve to be brought back to life. Whether it be hidden gems from the back of the shelf or mega blockbusters that once ruled the industry, so many game franchises are just... lost to time.

    Which franchise do you think should be brought back to life with a new game, or at least a HD-remake?

    Personally, I long for the day when DUNE returns. Just hearing those old soundtracks makes me so excited, and knowing the IP is stuck at the Herbert-estate is frustrating to say the least.

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    Finally a reasonable post. Dune ftw.

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    Crash friggin' Bandicoot.

    Now hear me out. Before you say they're still making Crash games, wrong.

    Naughty Dog sold Crash about 16 years ago and it has sucked ever since. Hard. I can only imagine a Naughty Dog made Crash game for the PS4. My inner child would fungus so hard my brain would burst.
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    Sequel to Age Of Empires 2 in full 3d with the same design direction as AoE2 rather than 3 and onwards.

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    Castlevania. Yes, the 2D games. LoS sucked, well maybe not the first one but the others sucked. And even so, it's not a true Castlevania game.

    And since we are posting Soundtracks I have to say, Castlevania isn't Castlevania without Michiru Yamane's work of art. (LoS was missing even that)

    But alas, that will remain but a dream because of two reasons.

    - Koji Igarashi isn't in Konami anymore (here's hoping he makes more amazing 2D metroidvania sprite games)
    - Konami is retarded.
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    Personally, I'd love to see Deadlock (turn-based strategy game with science fiction theme from the Windows 95 days) come back. I spent so many hours playing that game back in the day. Deadlock 2 was also nice, but it didn't really give us anything new. It was basically the same game (graphics and all) with a different story played on different maps.

    I would love to see Deadlock 3 in all its modern, HD glory. Sadly, the last Deadlock game came out in 1998, and the company responsible for Deadlock went under several years ago. And all its assets are now owned by Atari (another company that's not exactly doing well right now), last I checked. So yeah...Deadlock's future looks grim unless some good fan-made stuff comes along or something.

    Deadlock is on Steam right now, but the Steam version apparently doesn't work, according to most of the reviews. I do highly recommend it to anyone who likes strategy games, can find a version that works, and isn't going to be bothered by 1996 graphics.
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    DooM (hopefully as a very violent HL2 or Serious Sam type game, and not a horror game...and yes, I know they're working on it)
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    I'd personally love to see the Shining Force series resurrected. The turn based strategy one that was SF 1, 2, and 3 on Sega. The latest games have been RPGs and I'd prefer to see a return to the TBS versions instead.

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    The legend of dragoon is the first thing that pops to mind.

    Gunz (The gunz 2 on steam is absolutely nothing like the original game)

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    - Legacy Of Kain
    - Half Life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrgannus View Post
    Crash friggin' Bandicoot.

    Now hear me out. Before you say they're still making Crash games, wrong.

    Naughty Dog sold Crash about 16 years ago and it has sucked ever since. Hard. I can only imagine a Naughty Dog made Crash game for the PS4. My inner child would fungus so hard my brain would burst.
    I vote Spyro the Dragon, but this hits at home too.
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    Quest for glory or Baldur's Gate

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    Shoot that's a tough question. A lot of old games I remember either still exist or were license spin offs (like Goldeneye).

    Though some ideas:
    -Maximum Carnage
    -Trap Gunner
    -Zone of the Enders

    Those are a few I can think of. A lot of old franchises were just never as good as the original game (Twisted Metal as an example was pretty good up till 2 or 3, but went to hell on PS2).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Embriel View Post
    Quest for glory or Baldur's Gate
    Should check out Pillars of Eternity.
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    - Ape Escape - Still to this day the most original use of a console controller ever.
    - Warcraft (rts) - Crossing fingers for the announcement of the remake of Warcraft 1, 2 & 3 in HD this blizzcon =P
    - Shadow of the Colossus - Would love to see a sequel (or just a different game with similar gameplay). Or the Last Guardian finally coming out, at least.
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    the settlers, dont at all like the online browser game direction the series is going

    and warcraft 4 rts .. naturally.
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    Majesty. It was a lost gem.

    The opening cinematic has NOT aged well...
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    Space Station Silicon Valley is a game I'd love to see continued/remastered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tankbug View Post
    Carmageddon reincarnation(original devs AFAIK) is releasing on the 23 of...april 2015) That is like tomorrow!

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    I miss the old Ultima games. I'm not talking about the online version that's decades old. I'm talking about the single player version, where you're the avatar going out to save the world through the action of virtues.

    I also miss Wizardry series, there hasn't been anything else since part 8.

    I'd say Might and Magic, but as it was back then, (the clouds of xeen, the darkside of xeen, for example) I'm not a fan of what they've done with the series since then.

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