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    We make some really nice progression in World 2 and World 3 in Diddy's Kong Quest in the next two episodes of my Let's Play! So far we're still at 100% (minus the Lost World which we'll save for the end!).

    Part 2

    Part 3

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    Diablo 3 Item Identification for Noobs:

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    Here is my first Inferno Diablo kill and it was a solo. took me around 30mins but i 2x the speed of this video to 14mins and added 3 songs.
    this was done on my barb.
    the kill was done at 8/22/2012 and i plan to do hardcore at some point.

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    WoW CATA: Mage - 150k Shatter HD!

    WoW CATA: Mage - 150k Shatter HD!

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    DayZ guide and some other funny videos!

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    Counterstrike Global OFfensive anyone?
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    Guild Wars 2 Early Launch - Tour Of Hoelbrak (Norn Capital):

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    Guild Wars 2 - First Impressions (Unbiased Mini-Review):

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    I will be streaming my entire playthrough of a Charr Engineer, as well as other games that i feel like playing.

    My mic is on most of the time so i will communicate with chat. Thick skin is advised (note: not because of profanity, because of my honesty towards everyone, even viewers)

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    Part 6 of the MDRnation's Dead Island playthrough! I hope you enjoy it!

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    WoW CATACLYSM: Lady Vashj | Level 70's

    WoW CATACLYSM: Lady Vashj | Level 70's

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    End of s11 footage


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    Guild Wars 2 - Crafting & Banking Systems Introduction:

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    WoW - Arena + Fire Mage 4.3!

    WoW - Arena + Fire Mage 4.3!

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    [/COLOR]Review of the newly released game Transformers War for Cybertron

    Mists of Pandaria Summary

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    video games on command! currently playing the classic Red Alert 2 FULL CAMPAIGN

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    Diablo 3 - What's This Worth #3:

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    Insane sniper shot on DayZ.

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