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    The Walking Dead Best Moments Part 2

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    Our latest Dead Island video is indeed out! Part 17 for all the family and friends to enjoy!

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    Dunno about the rest of you, but I like video games. I like watching video games, I like chatting while watching video games.

    Here's a list of video game streaming sites I browse.

    http://thelivegameshq.com (I stream on this one occasionally, usually puzzle games like Trine or Machinarium or Genssis/SNES era games.)


    There's a few more I lurk, but those happen to be the most active I've seen.
    You are not your role. You are not how much gold you have on your account.
    You are not the mount you ride. You are not the contents of your bank.
    You are not your epic purples. You are not a special and unique snowflake.
    You are the all-grinding, all-farming crap of Azeroth.

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    Just a taste of the hilarity of the GameDrunks!

    Greeting fellow video game connoisseurs! The GameDrunks wanted to share with you today one of our new videos. But first a little about ourselves.

    We are the GameDrunks. Our channel is a 2 man commentary over video game footage with the primary focus of comedy and entertainment. Our names are Gary and Steve (we don't have cool internet handles yet I guess, whatever happened to just having a normal first name anyway :P) and we play all sorts of video games, get hammered while doing it, and throw it up on YouTube for all to enjoy. Hmm, "throw it up" and "get hammered" are probably 2 phrases that do not belong in the same sentence... we are getting sidetracked. Anyway, we would appreciate all the feedback we can get. This is the first time either one of us have done anything like this before, and we hope to get better as we go.

    Here's the video, hope you guys enjoy it!

    For more, check out our channel, there are plenty more where this came from.

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    Walking dead best moments part 3. I plan to make it to all way to two more videos. Click sub to stay up to date on TOR feed and Walking Dead. Don't forget to click "Like" to support Tell Tale Games

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    Assassin's Creed... just so good so far.

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    Here's all my videos, Please enjoy
    Australian Oceanic Multi Class Veteran of the Burning Crusade Wars!
    Twitter: @RomireVids
    Youtube: RomireVids

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    Part 6 of the Dead Space playthrough! Enjoy some scary shit on your break from black friday! Catch up on the previous episodes while you're at it!

    Someone might find this entertaining as i play though some Super Meat Boy. Strong Language from 10 minutes onward.
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    A quick channel update from the Fluffy Gaming team. Planetside 2 and Hawken Beta.

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    Originally Posted by Tigole
    I'm not so sure endgame players would like the face of the game if everyone had instant access to all of the content. There is something to be said for progression and the sense of accomplishment. Don't get me wrong, we have to be careful not to create a brick wall for new people, but I think there is a balance to be struck here.

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    My youtube Channel Reboot video! If you guys are interested by what you see/hear, dont be afriad to subscribe!

    My RTS channel on youtube! Featuring 9 different games

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    Knight Online PvP Video - Battle Priest (max level)

    Hi all. Saw a thread somewhere on here about the top PvP games. Voicing my opinion, Knight Online is the best PvP game around, that's the only reason people still play it. With that, take a look at this:

    Watch in 1080.


    P.S. - If anyone is wanting to try out this game shoot me a message or post here. We've got a clan of all English players that could use a few more loyal players.
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    Uh, definitely didn't see this stickied before I posted -- my bad.

    Knight Online Battle priest video -

    Watch in 1080

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    Where it always rains...

    Here's part 2 guys!
    Sorry about the audio again, I really need to find the sweet spot for volume and my mic volume.

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    Heres an episode of Sniper Elite V2
    Australian Oceanic Multi Class Veteran of the Burning Crusade Wars!
    Twitter: @RomireVids
    Youtube: RomireVids

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    The Diablo 3 DEFINITIVE Budget Monk Guide:

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    Far Cry 3 REVIEW just out in time for the US release today.

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    Illidan and the Black Temple - Animated Wallpaper!

    Hey guys, just wanted to share a video that I made for my best friend who just graduated college. His favorite character in WoW is Illidan, so I made him a video desktop wallpaper. I wanted to post it here so that you guys could use it and enjoy it too. You can view it below:

    There are instructions to obtain and use the video in the description on youtube. Enjoy!
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    A look at and review for the Steam Greenlight game that initially failed on kickstarter and has recently been released, Forge, from the indie company Dark Vale Games.

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    Played a little Cargo Commander last week and have some gameplay for those who are wondering what this game is like

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