Hello everyone,

Couldn't post a thread on the website of TESO and also not on Steam so i'm doing it here. If someone knows things about MMO's it should be you guys! ^^

So, the game is in sale and the question is pretty simple but let me give you some extra information:

First off all, i'm not an MMO player AT ALL. So please keep this in mind while posting a comment on this thread . I mostly play single player, but ofcourse it's fun to play with others in an MMO. I'm just pointing this out because i've read some reviews that said it's very single player oriented. Is this something that you experienced aswell? I really like the Elder scrolls games, and i also wonder if i REALLY like the game if there is any good end-game content out there so i can stick around longer?

I played the beta and that was pretty crap, but now Tamriel Unlimited is out i want to try it again. I just don't want to make a mistake by buying this and finding out it's no different than before.

If you guys can make a list of Positive and negative points about the game that would also be nice!

Thanks in advance!