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    Kerrigan Starcraft Fan Art by Velimir Kondić

    Maybe someone know this guy, he did drawing of Lich King, Illidan and Diablo. Told him one year ago that it is time to make some Starcraft drawing for Community, and he did it.

    Here is the full image, and video where you can see his skills, since I can't describe them in words. (Source)

    He also sent me the story of his drawing.
    Still i have a problem how to start leading line . Each drawing up until now, had its creating story from zero to the last spot, but drawing Kerrigan (Queen Of Blades) has a special story.

    Exactly one year ago i made a first scetch , proportions and perspective. I knew that this drawing will be most difficult until now because it had two characters which are almost completely in personnel. Both character on itself carry an enormous level of details and neither one could be missed. The most that i was concerned about was how am i gonna do her face becase i wasn't preperd . ( You remember ILLIDAN ) That is why i have left it to end because i had time to get in style drawing and come up with all possible solutions and to continue creating techniques with the tools that i use.Of course, all this would be in this plastique example of my work if i do not have family life in which still we all have problems and obligations .

    We are going back half a year ...

    After great co-operation with AdriaCraft and Blizzard Entertaiment Inc. for drawing, "Diablo" i have been learning several programs and i was drawing . Programs for the 3D modeling did enable me to figure out how to draw displaying types of light, illumination editing procedures, depth space, what is important to express on the character and what not , how to make a wet surface , metal, and many other things that before that, I couldn't understand what more i did not understand them because i was not even considering them because i wasn't thinking about them. After that, it was created my most known drawing of "Lich King Arthas". I continued to work hard learning programs and knowledge that i have was getting bigger from day to day. I slowly understood that job of game makers is not easy at all... From the idea to its creatiation and completion of project is very long and difficult road . Even after i stoped to complain how the document is poorly produced and animation in some game, or how the task is stupid... Someone had to make all of thet , and to put lots of hard work in bond and to be used at the end . At the very end the most severely criticism falls from players. Think about it!

    It has been a couple of months ago learning these programs, several ordered drawings but there is no way i could get to work on Kerrigan drawing. I was looking at it from the side how it stands not completed so sometimes made mu frustrated only as the obligations, tiredness and a job that kept me away from finish. Occasionally i manage to work on it, but not enough to cover bigger surface of that drawing . Passing the months scope of the work was decreasing as well as the obligations, finally time was created to finish it. Since then i have already done up to half a Hydralisk and made a new alignment style of work that allow me to in the real time cover less surface on drawings and not to notice where the layers have been merged and that there are so many that i do not know number. Drawing had been easily receiving its form, quantity of details was bigger as well as my desire to finish him as soon as possible! I have finally finished Hydralisk , i have done it in style as in the wet with long moves that were forming cartilage with a thin skin which shining over muscle (Effect Wet Surface). All that would be harder to do if i haven't had knowledge from the 3D program. Withdrawn with that experience i was thinking throughout Kerrigan how to do it the other way . Styles of character had to be different to avoid merger in one surface . I have been searching and trying to decide witch style would be the best, in the end I returned to the original picture and looking for ideas. The solution was on to her expanding level of details and to express them much more than the sibility . Skin texture has been very interesting for drawing, there are a lot of small details that at first glance are not connected but when looked as a whole, would notice the skin through muscle diffraction , bones , but they are not permitted joints but not to look too much like on Hydralisk .That is why i did petty moves which were builting large groupings bodies. Background was done like complete solid illumination surface and light who have been covering over the rocks within the cave. All this was great, the only problem is that i still didn't have a solution for the face. Drawing stood unfinished for a month, I debated which techniques that i shoud do because the skin should be smooth and area for the work is relatively small. Hard to bring to be all as well as the original just as i had to come out a little bit out of my limitations and to do it as best as it can be done. I went usual style of drawing, just as i have been trying to merge colors to be one but that is still visable which is which because the white light source and a light reflection of off rocks is blue, and thereby, the face shadows were blue. The main problem is created when it has proved that tool that i use is not a sufficient quality for skin drawing, rather, drying too fast. I have had work quickly witch was difficult to organise with battery life on camera , and a good part of i didn't recorded because of the camera charging. At the very end, on the entire drawing i've added a little more gloss on textures to get the appropriate light reflection of entire space and to do so that way i would merge both characters.

    Total hours of recorded material is 62 hours but the camera was losing focus sametimes so i had to take out full 10 hours of drawing from this episode. Queen of Swarm is the hardest drawing that i had to draw till now. I have new ideas that im gonna do in up coming period, but most important for me is to be back st WOW and chose one more BOSS that i am gonna draw. My name is Velimir ( a.k.a Konda ) I cant wait to write to you again.
    Summer greetings from Serbia!
    http://www.adriacraft.net :: Adriatic Blizzard Community Fansite
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    that face looks awful....

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    Nice, thanks for sharing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jinxz View Post
    that face looks awful....
    No, it just doesn't look like Kerrigan as we know her because of the art style of the artist. I'm not a fan of it, but I'm not going to say it's awful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinxz View Post
    that face looks awful....
    I was about to say the same thing....everything looks great except her face. The face looks really....really bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by RoKPaNda View Post
    Nice, thanks for sharing.

    No, it just doesn't look like Kerrigan as we know her because of the art style of the artist. I'm not a fan of it, but I'm not going to say it's awful.
    The image is a straight up copy of a scene from one of the SC2 cinematics (I believe it's the Kerrigan vs Zeratul one). It's clear the artist was trying to imitate it as best as he/she could and they did a great job....save for the face.
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    But Her Face
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